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Best smartwatches under 5000

Best smartwatches under 5000

Are you looking for a smartwatch to gift your buddies or you just want to upgrade ? Then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to talk about smartwatches, their features, specialties, guide to buy a perfect smartwatch according to your type and also we are going to suggest you some of the best smartwatches under 5000.
These Smartwatches come with numerous Watch Faces. There are different types of activities that you can track using these smart watches such as Distance, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2), Stress Monitor, etc. These smart watches have batteries which run for 10 days. 
You can control your Smartwatches with Smart Notifications on your wrist, and also listen to your favourite music while wearing the watch and control the camera remotely. You can track your workout and fitness routine in real-time. You can track your health also using this smart watch such as heart rate, sleep monitoring, SpO2 Blood oxygen, etc.so lets review about smartwatches under 5000 which is best for you  

Top Quality Smartwatches 

The best smartwatch provides you with the convenience of having time on your wrist, and can be customized in accordance with your preferences.we have shortlisted latest 10 smartwatches in your budget 
There are numerous smartwatches on the market, but it is important to know what type of smartwatch is best for you. Below you will see some of the best brands like, Boat , noise , Realme, Zebronics and many more. 

Fire-Boltt Ring Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch ₹4,999.00 ‎57 g
Noise ColoFit Pro 3 Smartwatch ₹3,499.00 39 g
boAt Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in ₹2,999.00 ‎50 g
realme Smartwatch 2 Pro ₹4,999.00 ‎90 g
Maxima Max Pro X6 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch ₹3,991.00 ‎44 g
Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH Smart Fitness Watch ₹3,299.00 ‎60 g
pTron Force X11 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch ₹2,799.00 37 g
Reebok Smartwatch Full-Touch HD Display ₹4,499.00 35 g
Gionee STYLFIT GSW6 Smartwatch ₹2,999.00 48 g
Helix TIMEX METALFIT 2.0 smartwatch ₹3,799.00 50 g

1. Fire-Boltt Ring Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Ring lets you call and make calls through your watch's built-in microphone and speaker. The smartwatch comes with dial pads, as well as the possibility to view recent calls and transfer contacts from your phone too. Smartwatch monitors your real-time Blood Oxygen Spo2 and offers 24-hour Heart Rate Tracking. 
It also includes the ability to track your sleep and fitness. The Smartwatch comes with numerous Watch Faces. It also has smart controls, such as weather forecast, alarm, and Remote Control Camera. You can get a one-year guarantee from FIRE-BOLTT. With an integrated speaker and a built-in microphone
This smartwatch allows you to play your favourite tracks directly on the Watch without the need to pull out your smartphone. 

Key Features:- 

There are a lot of applications which are supported in this smartwatch such as Bluetooth Calling, Oxygen Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor, Alarm, Calendar, Camera Control, Contacts, Find My Phone, Fitness Tracker, Reminders, Sleep Monitor, Social Media, Time Display, Weather, Messages, MultiSport Tracking, Music, Pedometer, Phone. 

  • You can also play music while using Bluetooth or with the help of an inbuilt speaker. 
  • You can track your health also using this smart watch such as heart rate, sleep monitoring, SpO2 Blood oxygen, etc.
  • This smart watch consists of a 1.7 large HD Display with 2.5D curved glasses, a metal body with a sleek design.

PRICE:- ₹4,999.00

Product HIghlights

Category  Specification 
Compatible Devices Tablet, Smartphone 
Screen Size 1.7 inches
Display Type Digital
Average Battery Life 8 Days
Device Interface  Touchscreen, buttons 
Batteries 1 Lithium Battery Required
Connector Type Bluetooth
Warranty  1 Year 


Pros  Cons 
SPo2 and Heart Rate Tracking   
1.7 inch HD Full Touch   
Bluetooth Calling Watch   
Inbuilt Mic and Speakers   
Music Controllable   

2. Noise ColoFit Pro 3 Smartwatch

The market-leading TruView TM Display makes sure that you will get the largest picture with the 1.55 touchscreen HD display that has 360x320 pixels. Battery Life 10-day battery life assures you that there's nothing in between your health and you.Get a better understanding of your health using the NoiseFit app.

Review your health and fitness with a thorough report on your progress. Enhance your workout sessions by watching easy-to-follow exercise videos. Get better at achieving your fitness goals through activity-based and challenges.

Key Features:-

There are different types of activities that you can track using this smart watch such as Distance, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2), Stress Monitor, 14 Sports Modes, Breathe Guide Support, Weather, Find Phone Support, Music Control, Female Health Care Support. 

  • This watch has Customisable and cloud-based watch faces with swappable straps.
  • This smartwatch has a 1.55’’ Full HD Display. 

PRICE:- 3,499.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category Specification 
Screen Size  1.55 inches
Compatible Devices Android and iOS
Average Battery Life 240 Hours 
Material Stainless Steel
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Operating System  Smartwatch
Warranty  1 Year
Connection Type Bluetooth
Warranty  1 Year


Pros Cons 
TruView Display and 1.55 HD Display  
24X7 Heart Rate Monitor  
Stress Monitoring   
Auto Sport Recognition   
Swappable Straps   

3. boAt Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in

The watch is equipped with an alarm that monitors the HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities) to show the level of stress.The watch also tracks your heart rate as well as SPO2 (blood oxygen levels) to keep an eye over your health overall. 

Alexa integrated Voice Assistant that sets reminders, alarms, and responds to questions on weather forecasts and live cricket scores on your behalf. 1.69" large square color LCD display with round dial that offers a full capacitive touch to let you control the situation, easily.

Key Features:-

  • This display of ambient lighting permits an automatic adjustment of the brightness of the watch, to suit the surroundings.
  • Numerous watch faces that can be customised with options to complement your outfit everyday.
  • There are a total of 14 sports modes in this smartwatch like , running, walking, swimming, cricket,etc. 

PRICE:- ₹2,999.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category Specification 
Special Feature Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor 
Colour  Olive Green
Operating System  Smartwatch 
Batteries 1 Lithium ion battery required
Charging Time 2 Hours 
Warranty 1 Year


Pros  Cons 
1.69 Square LCD Display   
4 Existing Colours    
Health Monitoring   
Water Resistance  
Automatic Screen Brightness  
Daily Activity Tracker   

4.Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro

Utilize the realme Link to connect your Watch 2 Pro with your smartphone and track your fitness history, alter settings for your watch, and more. 
 It is available for both Android as well as iOS. With more than 100 different cool watch designs to pick from Your Watch 2 Pro can match any outfit or mood.
You can now control your smart devices from anywhere by putting your wrist on the watch. The large screen size combined with the large brightness and a vivid display lets you view clearly in bright sunlight.

Key Features:-

  • You can track your workout and fitness routine in real-time. 
  • The battery's long-lasting 390mAh capacity allows for continuous use for up to two weeks, because every goal is important.
  • It comes with an oxygen sensor in your blood to keep track of your oxygen levels with a continuous heart rate monitor to keep you in good overall health. 
  • You are free for a sweat, or wash your hands since rain and splashes don't hinder this device. 

PRICE:- 4,999.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category Specification 
Colour Space Grey 
Compatible Devices Tablet, Smartphone
Size Screen 1.75 inches 
Operating System Smartwatch
Battery Cell Composition Lithium-ion
Battery Power Rating  390
Connection Type USB
Warranty 1 Year


Pros  Cons 
14 Day Long Lasting Battery  
Blood Rate and Heart rate Monitoring  
IP68 Water Resistance   
Stylish Watch Straps  

5. Maxima Max Pro X6 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Larger screen for the best viewing experience. Max Pro X6 comes with an extra 1.7" HD display with the brightest screen that can reach 400 Nits, which provides an outstanding viewing experience. 

This smartwatch is able to provide batteries that last for up to 10 days when the calling function is off, and up to 3 days when the call feature is turned on in Normal Usage.

Key Features:-

  • Max Pro X6 comes with an integrated microphone as well as a high-definition speaker that can take calls on your smartwatch.
  • Receiving calls is now easy thanks to the latest and improved technology. 
  • The X6 comes with an enhanced and sophisticated Realtek Chipset RTL8762D which optimizes your overall battery performance as well as battery longevity.
  • Monitor your blood oxygen levels as well as heart rate anywhere by using an electronic heart rate monitor. 
  • Receive data for up to 6 days of data on your wristwatch and monitor your health and fitness effectively.

PRICE:- 3,991.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category  Specification
Colour Black
Compatible Devices Mobile Phone
Average battery Life 240 Hours
Display type Digital
Device Interface Touchscreen 
Connection Type Wireless
Wireless Type 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
Warranty 1 Year


Pros  Cons
1.7 HD Big Display  
IP67 Water and Dust Resistance  
Multi-Sports Mode  
Heart Rate Sensor  
SpO2 Monitor  

6. Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH Smart Fitness Watch

You can receive calls directly on your Zeb-Fit4220CH after pairing with your phone. With built-in speakers and a microphone to answer calls from anywhere. View the latest call history from the Zeb-Fit4220CH effortlessly. Make calls while on the move using the Zeb-Fit4220CH. 

Monitor blood oxygen levels in SpO2 and monitor changes in your body. Keep an eye on your health lifestyle. Ideal For Men & Women.You can access recent calls, your contact list and make calls after connecting the Zeb-Fit4220CH to your phone.

Key Features:- 

  • Monitor your BP by using Zeb-Fit4220CH to monitor your diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure. 
  • You can measure your heart rate in precise regular intervals throughout the day or night and monitor it on the ZEB Fit20 Series app accessible for iOS and Android Smartphones. 
  • You can directly manage music playback from your smartphone using the Zeb-Fit4220CH, and also snap photos using the Remote Camera Shutter function. 
  • Design your Watch Faces as you like by modifying the watch face via The Zeb-Fit 20 Series App. Be notified of messages, calls and other notifications directly from the Zeb-Fit4220CH.

PRICE:- ₹3,299.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category  Specification 
Screen Size 3.3 Centimetres
Colour Silver
Compatible Devices Mobile, Smartwatch
Operating System Android, iOS
Average Battery Life  30.0, 5.0 Days
Wireless Type Bluetooth 
Device Interface  Touchscreen 
Connection Type Wireless
Warranty  1 Year 


Pros  Cons 
Bluetooth Calling Feature  
Inbuilt Mic and Speaker  
Measures SPo2 Levels  
Measures Blood Pressure  
Heart Rate Monitoring  

7. PTron Force X11 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

The Force X11 fitness smartwatch comes equipped with various daily activity and fitness trackers, such as the level of blood oxygen, pedometer, steps count, distance travelled and sedentary reminder and hydrate reminder as well as sleep monitor, sports modes ( cycling, running or skipping, badminton football, basketball, and swimming) and many more. 

The large battery built into the smartwatch is fully charged in less than three hours.It will be used for as long as 7 days after it has been fully charged. The watch also comes with a standby period of up to 15 days.Protection against IP68 will shield your fitness-focused smartwatch from dirt, dust, and splashes of water.

Key Features:- 

  • Receive and make an instant phone call by using Force X11 via a built-in microphone and loudspeaker. It has dial pads, and the ability to see call history and sync phone numbers. 
  • 24 Hours Real-Time Heart Rate Tracking as well as Blood Oxygen and Meditative Breathing. sleep monitor; sedentary Alert Sport & Fitness Tracking, as well as the number of steps & Calories, burned Hydrate Alert.
  • You can control your Smartwatch with Smart Notifications on your wrist; listen to your favorite music while wearing the watch and control the camera remotely Raise and Wake Display and Watch for Weather Info; Find the Watch; Stopwatch & Alarm. 
  • Multiple Watch Faces via App; Bluetooth 5.0 with 10 meters of wireless range; use the Da Fit Mobile App and compatible with Android 4.4 and above/iOS 9.0 and above; 3 Hours of Magnetic Charging. One-Year Warranty.

PRICE:- 2,799.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category  Specification 
Screen Size 1.7 inches
Average Battery Life  7 Days
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Connector Type USB
Device Interface  Touchscreen 
Battery Power Rating  250 
Wireless Type Bluetooth
Warranty 1 Year


Pros  Cons 
Large 1.7 Rounded Square Screen  
HD Bluetooth Calling  
24 Hours Heart Rate Monitoring  
Up to 7 Days of Battery Life  

8. Reebok Smartwatch

Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 is the very first smartwatch available in India by one of the most well-known brands in sports, Reebok. ActiveFit 1.0 comes with a blood oxygen sensor to measure the blood oxygen levels and keeps an eye on your health.The built-in SC7R311 heart rate monitor consists of two LED sensors that measure the levels of SPO2 of your blood.

It is paired by an advanced algorithm for heart rates that tracks your heart rate in real-time and assists you in recognizing the changes within your body's health. Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 is equipped with a robust battery which lasts for up to 15 days, and has the ability to stand by for up to 30 days.It also comes with a water resistance rating of IP67, which makes your watch impervious to water splashes and dust.

Key Features:- 

  • Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 is equipped with a strong battery that lasts for more than 15 days in two hours.
  • Be connected at all times, by using Reebok ActiveFit 1.0. Receive text, call and social media alerts on your wrist.
  • 1.3" HD curved glass Screen that has unlimited Cloud Watch faces and built-in multi-dial designs. 

You can play music of your preferences with remote control of music. Control your phone's camera by putting your wrist on the screen with a single one touch.

PRICE:- ₹4,499.00 

Product HIghlights

Category  Specification 
Colour Black
Compatible Devices  Smartphone
Screen Size 1.28 inches 
Average Battery Life 15 Days
Connector type USB 
Display Type  Digital
Warranty  1 Year


Pros Cons
Monitor Your Health Time   
Supports Multiple Sports Mode  
7-15 Days of Long Battery Life  
Spin DroP Straps  
HD Touch Display  

9. Gionee STYLFIT GSW6 Smartwatch

Monitoring our health is never this easy with smartwatches. They've come a great way from merely offering the ability to track pulses and pedometers. Nowadays, the most advanced smartwatches have cutting-edge options, like sleep trackers, text or call alerts, and an oxygen saturation monitor.

However, since the popularity of smartwatches keeps being powered by high demand and a plethora of competitors, the market is saturated with fakes.They appear appealing when you first look at them, however when you get them, surprise and surprise, they do not perform.

Key Features:- 

  • This smartwatch has 4.3cm (1.7") Full touch display with Zinc Alloy Body. 
  • Bluetooth for music and calling and built-in microphone and speaker and IP68. 
  • This smartwatch has health modes like, Blood Oxygen Monitor (SpO2), 24x7 Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Multiple Sport Mode, Calorie Metre & Pedometer, Menstrual Tracker. 100+ Cloud-based Watch Faces and Customise Watch Face. 
  • Remote Camera, Notifications alerts for calls Text, WhatsApp, eMail & Facebook etc. Fitness and Outdoor, as well as Battery Runtime: up to 3 days.

PRICE:- 2,999.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category Specification
Special Feature Pedometer, Camera 
Screen Size 1.7 inches
Operating System Smartwatch
Colour  Grey 
Device Interface  Microphone
Average Battery Life 3 Days
Battery Cell Composition  Lithium Polymer
Lithium Polymer Bluetooth 
Warranty  1 Year 


Pros Cons 
Bluetooth Calling Function   
Built in Mic and Speaker  
Bluetooth Music  
IP68 Water Resistance  
Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitor   

10. Helix TIMEX METALFIT 2.0 smartwatch

Helix Timex Steelfit 2.0 features a built-in mic with the speaker, dial pad, and microphone that allow users to take and return calls right from your watch.Also, you get a dial-pad and the option to sync your contacts. Metalfit 2.0 features a massive 1.5" HD IPS display and auto-adjusting the brightness.

It comes with an elegant and light body with adjustable straps and a one-click control. Metalfit 2.0 allows you to maintain your health by incorporating an SPO2 monitor, body temperature monitoring, stress measurement, and heart rate monitoring that is dynamic and female health monitoring.Metalfit 2.0 keeps track of your sleeping pattern by detecting sleepiness and light sleep. It also detects asleep, and off sleep mode.

Key Features:-

  • The watch is equipped with 20 sports modes built in to allow you to record your workout data and produce an analysis following the workout in order to continuously optimize your exercise routine.
  • The watch also keeps record of your distance, steps and calories burnt during every activity. 
  • Metalfit 2.0 has the option of endless watch faces to let you play using your dial at desires.
  • It also includes advanced features such as remote music controls and camera controls and social media notifications.
  • It also has emails and weather. Helix Timex Metalfit supports the well-known Helix Smart App with 4.2 rating on Playstore and a user-friendly interface that is simple to use.

PRICE:- ₹3,799.00 

Product HIghlights 

Category  Specification
Water Resistance Depth 1 Metre
Band Material Stainless Steel
Bezel Material Helix 
Display Type Digital 
Crystal Material Mineral Glass
Special Features Alarm 
Dial Colour Black 
Warranty  1 Year 


Pros  Cons 
Metal Fit 2.0 with Bluetooth Calling  
Complete Health Monitoring on Wrist  
Big IPS Display  
Long Lasting Battery  
Total 20 Sports Mode  

Things to consider while buying smartwatches

Don't purchase a watch without verifying that it is compatible with your phone. For instance, Apple Watches only work with the best iPhones.We've put together a guide for some of the best smartwatches available for Android to help you choose the best ones which can work with smartphones like Samsung, Google or other Android smartphones.

 Also we have suggestions for best watches under 5000. 

  • Choose a watch that has heart rate sensors and GPS (to keep track of your runs) for those who are an avid runner. 
  • We have a review of the best runners' watches to help you choose the best one for your favourite sport. 
  • Be aware of the rated battery life when you shop.
  • Hybrid watches that appear like timepieces from the past tend to feature the highest battery life, however they don't come with touchscreens. 
  • Verify that the watch's buckle or clasp is easy to use and is easy to replace. Make sure that it's simple to locate replacement bands.
Our Review on the best smartwatches under 5000

Smartwatches are now the most preferred tech that can be worn in India. Smartwatches blend the benefits of a tracker for fitness and the elegant look of a watch that makes purchasing one a simple decision. 

The market for smartwatches is brimming with excellent options across all price ranges you can imagine. However, finding a quality one from the crowd could be difficult. We hope that you would like our suggestions of the best smart watches under 5000.

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