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Best mop for cleaning floors in India 2022

Best mop for cleaning floors in India 2022

Cleaning your floor will be a struggle, if you do not have a quality mop. But an effective and quality product is hard to find. Not every product is of good quality and will give you the best cleaning result. Therefore, we are here to evaluate the best mop for cleaning floors in India. 

There are a number of various companies that sell mops with different features and techniques. But things are changing. Now a days, everyone is looking for a modern mop cleaning for floors. 

Therefore, we are here with a deep search and evaluation. As a result, in this blog we will enlisted the Top Best Mop for Cleaning Floors in India.

Things to consider while buying Best Mop for Cleaning Floors.


Durability and long-lasting use of mop is important. The mop is made up of strong and good quality material so that it will be long-lasting and durable. Mop for cleaning the floor and for the household will be rough and tough.

Therefore, it will absorb all the damage that may occur during cleaning. Its design and stainless steel material will give you effective long-term duration. 

Moreover, many mops come with high-quality plastic material to make the mop durable. Its height adjustable feature will allow the mop to be long-lasting for cleaning floors and for multi-purpose work.


It is a factor which refers to the comfort while mopping your floor. Do you remember your past days when you experience back aches problems while mopping and cleaning the floor? But now a days, in the market there are modern techniques which make cleaning easy and comfortable.

Moreover, One who mops at home must feel that mopping is comfortable and easy while cleaning. The one who is sharing the mopping duties whether adult or children must get high adjustable features with current modern mops for cleaning the floor. 

However, adjustability is important because it will make mopping easy and fun. As a result, daily cleaning will be easy. 

Features you need to look for: 
There are various types of mop available in the market with different features. But you must know what you are looking for? Now a days, there are a number of features available in the market but you must buy the mop according to your need and requirement.

What people are looking for are some modified features for example, wheels for easy movement, water outlet for removal of dirty water after use, and durability are the most common and important features people are looking for. 

Moreover, the mop must contain both wet and dry mop features. The mop has a  good quality and super absorbent rate. It will also have a stainless steel bucket and height adjustable handle. Also a 360 degree rotating feature that is very common.  


All mops function the same but brands are different and also qualities are different as per the rates. Some of the best mops in India for cleaning floors which helps you to clean the dust, hair or any garbage on the fibre will get easily cleaned. Latest technology mops which rotate 360 degrees. Below we have compiled a list of floor cleaning mops. You could check out the Magicpin coupons to get the best discount for mops


UCRAVO Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning ₹789.00 500 g
Gazzy Spray floor cleaning Mop ₹699.00 350 g
YORK Flat Spray Mop ₹1,290.00 1 kg 40 g
U.P.C. Upgraded Hands-Free Flat Spin Mop ₹1,349.00 4 kg
Gala e-Quick Spin Mop ₹999.00 2 kg 500 g
Scotch-Brite Flat Mop ₹1,416.00 700 g
Mop-n-Me Floor Cleaning Mop ₹799.00 1 kg 300 g
Presto Spin Mop 749.00 1 kg
X Shape Mop for Floor Cleaning ₹945.00 800 g
Pigeon Spin Mop with 360 Degree Rotating ₹852.00 800 g
Esquire Elegant GREY Spin Mop  ₹641.00 1 kg 400 g
Onpoint Flat Floor Mop and Bucket ₹999.00 1 kg 900 g

12 Best mops for cleaning floors check Out

The majority of the brand-name mopping mops for cleaning available on the market today are created to make mopping easy, quick and effortless. Below you will find some of the best companies like Gala, Scotch-Bright, Presto, Pigeon.

1) UCRAVO Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning

These 2 in 1 Floor Mops come with a microfiber pad. Safe for use on any type of floor including wood, hardwood, and laminate.Easy to Remove and Wash When mop is  Dirty. You can clean with a longer handle. No need to use a water bucket. Microfiber pads can both be reused and machine washed. 

These pads can be washed 100 times. After you have used the pad for a while, make sure to check if there are any rubber O-rings or small rubber caps in the bottle. To avoid any leakage, return the rubber O-ring or small rubber cap to the original bottle.

Special Features

  • The Spray function of every Spray Mop was inspected by the Quality Control Team before packaging.
  • Microfiber pads are reusable and machine washable.. 
  • Removable and Washable Microfiber Cleaning Pad. 
  • Rotate it 360 degrees clean, make every corner clean and bright.
Pro Con
Microfibre Pad  N.A
Used on any type of Flooring  
Easy to Remove and wash   
Pads can be washed 100 times   


UCRAVO Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning

Price:- 789.00


2) Gazzy Spray floor cleaning Mop

Gazzy Floor Cleaning Mops are the best mop bucket made of good quality aluminium poles and microfiber mop pads. They attract dirt, dust, hair, and Grime. Because the entire set is lightweight, it can be used daily by anyone.

It features a 360-degree rotating mop framework that moves easily in all corners of your floor without sticking to anything. This ensures full coverage. The microfiber pad can be machine washed and is made from soft microfibers. The microfiber pad can be reused multiple times after it has been washed.

You can use the microfiber mop to clean any floor type, including hardwood, vinyl tile, laminate, and tile. Microfibers attract the dust particles to clean the floor. To increase the effectiveness of the liquid bottle, you may add either normal or soapy water.

Special Features

  • 2-in-1 spray that cleans dry dust and wet spills in every single swipe
  • Adjustable mop handle for effortless cleaning without bending.
  • Care for your floor,fast,easy ,safe,healthy
  • This mop is an essential tool for every home!
Pros  Cons
It has good aluminium poles N.A
Soft Microfiber  
Microfibre mop pads   
This Mop Set is Light weight   





Gazzy Spray floor cleaning Mop

Price:- 699.00


3) YORK Flat Spray Mop

You can spray the cleaner agent with the liquid dispenser attached to the mop while cleaning. The liquid dispenser allows you to focus on the corners. This best spray mop in India makes cleaning much easier and reduces strain. 

It comes with a high-quality microfiber refill head that can efficiently lift dirt from floors and give them a clean look. A trigger allows you to control the liquid sprayer so that the mop moves smoothly.

The microfiber refill can easily be removed from the best mops head and cleaned to make it usable again. This allows for a clean and hygienic cleaning. The adjustable handle makes it easy to dispense the right amount of liquid. Its innovative design allows you to reach every nook or crank. This makes it easy to reach difficult areas.

Special Features :- 

  • It has a good quality microfiber refill head. 
  • The flat mop has a trigger which helps you control the liquid dispenser to spray. 
  • The microfiber refill can be removed from the mop head and be cleaned. 
  • This mop helps make cleaning easy and reduces strain.


Pros  Cons 
Microfiber refill can easily be removed N.A
Trigger allows you to control the liquid sprayer  
High-quality microfiber   

YORK Flat Spray Mop

Price:- 700.00


4) U.P.C. Upgraded Hands-Free Flat Spin Mop

Pureatic mop buckets are made with advanced self squeeze technology. They can be washed easily and clean your hands of dirt. There are two grooves: one for wet, and one for dry. It takes just a few seconds for you to wash your mop head on the wet side. Dry side can be used for strong dust removal.

Latest and most advanced technology mops can twist and turn 360 degrees. It has never been easier to drain the dirty water. You just need to open the plug and drain the dirty water. The high quality refill pads are made to pick up hair, absorb liquid, debris, and dust. 

You can reuse and wash the microfiber pads three times to save money, protect the environment and help the earth. Once you are done mopping, wash the pad in a washing machine to clean it.

Special Features :- 

  • Easy Washing Easy Drying: Do It with a touch of hand
  • Wet or Dry Usage: Perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, corner cleaning.
  • Microfiber Duster Mop Pads
  • One mop that acts as a magnet for dust while mopping your floor.


Pros  Cons 
Self Squeeze Technology  Reuse and wash Microfiber pads
It turns 360 Degree   
High Quality Refill Pads  

U.P.C. Upgraded Hands-Free Flat Spin Mop

Price:- ₹1,349.00


5) Gala e-Quick Spin Mop

The mop bucket has a wringer which allows you easily to squeeze out excess water without the need for your hands. Telescopic Mop handles allow you to raise the mop to the desired height, and clean your floors effortlessly.

Microfiber power performance to floor cleaning with magic Mop: Microfiber material, with its unique feature for deep cleaning, lifts and traps small dust particles. The mop bucket includes a wringer which makes it easy to squeeze out excess water from the wet mop.

The stainless steel mop handle, which is lightweight and adjustable, can reach all corners of the house, such as under the table, or below the beds, easily.

Special Features :- 

  • Comes with easy wheels and puller to easily carry the bucket around the house.
  • Microfiber material with its unique feature of deep cleaning helps lift and trap fine dust / dirt particles. 
  • Telescopic Mop Handle lets you extend the mop to your preferred height and clean effortlessly. 
  • The mop bucket comes with a wringer that allows you to easily press excess water out of the wet mop, without using your hands.


Pros Cons
Mop Bucket with wringer N.A
Unique Feature of Deep Cleansing  
Lightweight and adjustable   
Traps Small dust particles  

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop

Price:- ₹999.00


6) Scotch-Brite Flat Mop

Scotch Brite Flat Mops feature microfibers that trap dirt. Scotch Brite Flat Mop Microfibers will trap all dirt, pet hair, flakes and more. Do not let hair or dirt get caught under the mop. Scotch Brite Flat Mops have a 360-degree rotating head. This rotating head bends in all directions, making it possible to reach tight spots under furniture and keep your contact with the floor. 

Scotch Brite Flat Mops have a height adjustable handle. This allows you easy cleaning of difficult-to-reach surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. Adjust the height to suit you and the 360 degree rotating heads will work their magic on any surface. Scotch Brite Flat Mops come with refills that are easy to use.

Once the dust is removed by sweeping the floor and vacuuming, the scrapper can be used. It will remove any dust from the bottom of your mop and make sure that it is clean and ready to use for the next job.

Special Features :- 

  • Superior Microfiber technology aids in capturing fine dirt effortlessly cleans dust, dirt hair and pet hairs
  • Adjustable height telescopic handle and ensures it is able to reach all corners and nooks with ease
  • 360 degree rotating head can easily be moved in various directions according to the preferences of the user
  • Refills are also machine washed and durable mops come with a simple refill mechanism
  • It comes with a scraper that can easily remove the mop head
Pros Cons 
It has Adjustable handle It collects dust at the bottom of the mop 
It has 360 degree rotation   
Microfibres traps Dirt   


Scotch-Brite Flat Mop

Price:- 1,416.00


7) Mop-n-Me Floor Cleaning Mop

The floor mop can be used for a variety of household cleaning tasks and is very useful to clean the walls. This microfiber mop can clean tile floors, hardwood floors and any other hard-surface floor. It leaves no marks on the floor.

The smart string mop will not leave liquid behind, and your house will shine with no effort. You can use it on any floor. It is the fastest and easiest way to clean your floors. Mop-n-me floor mop is the one of the most affordable and best floor mop in India which has a handle of 360 degree. 

The floor mop is long enough to ensure that your clothes don't get stained during cleaning. You can do all the cleaning yourself and be ready to go.

Special Features :- 

  • The microfiber mop is perfect for cleaning flooring tiles, hardwood floors or any other hard flooring and will not leave marks on your floor.
  • This clever string floor mop doesn't let any liquid traces behind and can bring your home to a stunning shine without the need for a lot of effort.
  • It is safe for use on all floors.
  • The Most Effective and Fastest Method To Clean Floors flooring mop provides the ideal method to get your home clean efficiently and with less effort.
Pros Cons 
Clothes Don’t strain while cleaning  Cannot clear all type of floors 
It is useful to clean walls also   
It does not leave any dirt or Liquid behind   

Mop-n-Me Floor Cleaning Mop

Price:- 799.00


8) Presto Spin Mop

Presto is a 100% polyester fibre mop that allows you to efficiently swipe floors with minimum effort. It can also spin 360 degrees for deep cleaning and easy drying. The basket is made from durable stainless steel. 

The mop handle, made of sturdy stainless steel metal, is strong enough to withstand heavy loads of water. This spin mop features a water outlet at the bottom of the bucket that allows for easy unloading.

It is easy to wash the refills by hand after each use. The sturdy stainless steel metal handle can take a heavy load of water. You can unload dirty water easily by connecting to the water outlet at the bottom.

Special Features :-

  • 100% polyester, highly absorbent fibre mop that has 360 degrees of spinning and height adjustable, which ensures the deepest cleaning and the ease of making a wring.
  • Metal handle made of stainless steel capable of handling the weight of water.
  • Included are two mop refills made of 100% polyester with an absorption rate of up to 95%.
  • It is a soap dispenser that can be used that allows you to easily add liquid soap into the water
  • Refills are easy to clean by hand-washing following use.
  • The water outlet is located in the bottom of the bucket to allow for the easy removal of filthy water
Pros  Cons 
Stainless Steel Metal Handle  It has Polyester Fibre 
It has a Feature of water outlet  
Can Unload dirty water  


Presto Spin Mop

Price:- 749.00


9) X Shape Mop for Floor Cleaning

Easy to extend the handle, which is lightweight, makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas like high corners, under furniture, windows and doors, and deep under couches. Microfibre mats can be used to clean in corners, between furniture feet, grooves, and other difficult-to-reach areas. You can clean corners without worrying about dirt.

This mop can perform four-sided wringing using the simulated artificial method. Drainage rate is up to 90%-100%. It can also be screw dried. Microfibre pads have a larger wiping area and are faster to use. Microfibre pads with more than 9,000 absorbent microfibres trap dust, spills, and stains.

The mop head can be attached to the pad and taken out easily. The 360deg flexible swivel mop heads can be used to clean all areas, including those under tables, corners, and between furniture.

Special Features :-

  • A lightweight, easily extensible handle for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas such as high corners deep beneath couches, furniture, windows, and more. 
  • You can easily employ microfibre mats for cleaning in corners as well as around furniture feet, grooves, and other difficult-to-reach areas. 
  • There's no need to worry about very filthy corners. 
  • More than 9,000 microfibres that are super absorbent that absorb dust, spills and staining. 
  • Mop pads are easily put on to the head of the mop.
Pros Cons 
Pad can be removed easily  N.A
Microfiber Pad   
It can clean each and every corner   

X Shape Mop for Floor Cleaning

Price:- 945.00


10) Pigeon Spin Mop with 360 Degree Rotating

This adjustable mop has handles that can be detached or attached to adjust the mop's height according to the user's preference. One Spin Mop head is included with your purchase of Enjoy Spin Mop. It comes with a Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop Head. 

The unique microfibre technology traps dirt and lifts it with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Twin Buckets Spin mop is lightweight, durable and easy to use. The 360-degree telescopic handle allows you to reach corners and nooks easily.Also, the mop can cover large areas.

This best spray mop in india features a powerful spin system and hassle-free drainage of dirty water.

Special Features :-

  • Enjoy Spin Mop comes with one Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop Head. Microfiber technology can lift and collect dirt using a unique surface that is easy to clean for the best cleaning.
  • Light, durable and easy to utilize Twin Buckets Spin Mops for effortless drying and wringing.
  • 360-degree telescopic handle that can get into corners and nooks as well as the spinning mop is able to take care of a wide space.
  • Enjoy Spin mop has Powerful Spin System and Hassle Free Draining of Dirty Water.
Pros  Cons
Adjustable mop Handles  N.A
Unique Microfiber Technology   
360 degree Telescopic Handle   


Pigeon Spin Mop with 360 Degree Rotating

Price:- 852.00


11) Esquire Elegant GREY Spin Mop 

Easy-to-use wheels for easy movement of the bucket across floors. It's fast and simple to clean like never before. There is also a separate area for dry and wet wringing. The Esquire 360degree Elegant Mop features a super-absorbent mop, which allows you to reach the most difficult areas such as under the refrigerator, bathroom, or other corners.

The telescopic handle is adjustable from 45 to 180° for more comfortable cleaning and heads are made of durable, long-lasting microfiber.if price is not an isuue then is the best cleaning mop

They can also be washed easily and maintained. Do not wash your hands with dirty water. This will save you time and prevent back pain when cleaning and mopping.

Special Features :-

  • Made with the highest quality
  • It was created with your preferences and requirements in mind.
  • Use without hassle
Pros  Cons 
Telescopic Handle 180 degree  It is not a 360 degree handle 
It contains Long lasting fibre   
It can clean in the corners of the house   


Esquire Elegant GREY Spin Mop 

Price:- ₹641.00


12) Onpoint Flat Floor Mop and Bucket

This sleek design extends the reach below and around furniture of the mop. You can remove dirt and grime from difficult to reach areas with a 280 deg rotating mop head. This allows you to access different cleaning angles and gives you an advantage over the crumbs, dust and dirt on your kitchen floors.

With two disposable microfiber pads, you can clean your floor over and over with the added benefit of being machine washable. It works with Stone Tiles. Laminate, Hard Wood. Vinyl, Bamboo. Cement. Baseboards. Drywall. Our mop is versatile enough to clean almost any surface.

The mop can be washed and dried with a two-grooved bucket. It's no longer necessary to wring your mop by hand. Clean up dirt and grime easily. You can drain the bucket easily by removing the bottom two holes.

Special Features :-

  • Elegant design extends reach underneath and over furniture. It removes grime and dirt from those difficult to reach areas. 
  • Two grooved buckets allow you to dry and then wet your mop. 
  • This means you no longer have to fret about wringing out your mop manually. 
  • A rotating mop head with a 280deg angle allows you to choose from a variety of angles of cleaning , and will give you an advantage over dust and crumbs in your kitchen's floor.
Pros  Cons 
It has a 260 degree handle  It doesn't have a 360 degree handle 
This mop can be washes easily   
Cleans Dirt Easily   

Onpoint Flat Floor Mop and Bucket

Price:- 999.00


Things to consider while buying a Mops

Mops can be used in commercial and residential cleaning. There are many mop types that suit different purposes and different cleaning needs.It is important to consider the area you will be using the mop for, its type and purpose. Microfiber wet mops are great for quick cleaning or regular wipe ups throughout your day.after choices good mops you may need floor cleaner liquid

  • They are made with very thin fibre and can be used to reach small spaces. While many of these are intended to be used in conjunction with water, others may not. 
  • String wet mops are typically Cotton or a combination of both. They can have cut ends or looped edges. 
  • Cotton is very absorbent but may shed some lint. Cut ends will fray more quickly than normal and may not be machine washable due to their tendency to tangle easily. 
  • If you have a small area that needs to be cleaned, a sponge mop may be an option. The sponge mop can be used without a wringer. 
  • Dust mop is used for hardwood and hard floors. These mops are often available in a variety of widths.

Our Review on best mop for cleaning floors in india

Cleaning houses has become a main priority nowadays due to this pandemic. A lot of diseases take place in your family if the house is not clean. Cleaning your house means cleaning all the dirt, germs , dust particles from all the corners of the house. We hope that this blog would have helped you in finding the right product for yourself and also in your budget.