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8 Best keyboard under 1000 in india for 2022

Do you work everyday using a PC or Laptop ? Every day, we work by computers, regardless of whether it's for work or business job. Additionally, many users spend their time playing various games on computers. It is therefore essential to have a reliable keyboard that lets you enjoy your time at the computer with ease. If you are finding the best keyboards under 1000 rupees then here your search is over. 

If the keyboard you're using isn't flexible enough and comfortable for you and you feel pain in your body and become exhausted after a couple of hours of working. There are so many types of keyboard like electronic, wireless, typing, mechanical, etc. These keyboards have a lavish and sleek design with water proof keys. 

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Some of the Keyboard keys are with LED Keys. These LED Keys are in Multiple colors. All these Keyboards are compatible in both Laptops and PC’s. The wired keyboards are cheaper than wireless keyboards. We have compiled you a list of Keyboards under 1000 which are best and all the Keyboards mentioned below are lightweight

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Nearly everyone has an up-to-date computer at home. Therefore, for your PC, look for the top keyboards under 1000that will work best with your PC. This is essential to have, because the ideal keyboard will help you become faster and more efficient, and will also make you more efficient. Also you will see some of the best brands mentioned below like Dell, iBall , Hp, etc. 

Frontech 1672 Normal Wired Keyboard  Currently unavailable 900 g
Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard ₹502.00 ‎458 g
Dell Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard ₹599.00 ‎440 g
Logitech Compact Wireless Keyboard ₹845.00 ‎458 g
Cosmic Byte Wired Keyboard ₹1,299.00 807 g
iBall Winner Wired USB Desktop Keyboard ₹425.00 ‎452 g
HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard ₹579.00 490 g
Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired keyboard  Currently unavailable ‎895 g
EvoFox Fireblade Wired Keyboard ₹919.00 ‎492 g

1) Frontech 1672 Normal Wired Keyboard 

Modern and sleek design, 104 keys waterproof, with a perfect look, comfortable and excellent handling. It will help you reduce the fatigue of work by using the top quality silica materials and elastic, feel great the connector for keyboard cables comes with multi-language.

 USB version that is compatible with the system for windows 95/98/2000/xp/vista. This Keyboard has a USB interface. This Keyboard consists of a fashion streamline designed with 104 keys. This Keyboard has dedicated soft keys with led indicators.

Key Features :-

  • Fashion streamline designed with 104keys.
  •  Waterproof with perfect appearance. 
  • Comfortable & good handling. 
  • The Keyboard cable connector includes USB. 
  • Multi-language version available. 
  • Use the high quality silica materials, elastically feel good
Pros Cons 
Adjustable heights Poor Key Response
Dedicated soft keys  
Usb interface  
Led indicator  

Frontech 1672 Normal Wired Keyboard 

Price:- 375.00


2) Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard 

Amkette Xcite Pro keyboard has the design of a spill-resistant body meaning that fluids that are accidentally spilled on the keyboard will not cause harm to the keyboard in a limited environment. With the highest quality silver conductive material, Xcite Pro is designed to provide many years of hassle-free use.
The design of the keys is designed so that they don't make any sound while typing. The soft , comfortable keys ensure a smooth and quiet typing experience. The keys on the keyboard are coated with UV, which guarantees that the letters on the keys do not fade as is the case typically in keyboards with poor quality.
Special Features :-

  • This Keyboards connectivity technology is of USB Type.
  •  Its Special Feature is that it is Multimedia. 
  • This Keyboard is compatible with PC Devices. 
  • It has a Spill Resistant Keyboard Design. 
  • The Special Keys in this Keyboard are colored in orange. 
  • You can easily control volume, play, pause, mute and also internet functions.
Pros  Cons
Spill-resistant body Costly according to the features
highest quality silver conductive material  
don't make any sound while typing  
smooth and quiet typing experience  

Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard 

Price:- 529.00


3) Dell Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

The Dell Wired Keyboard provides a practical keyboard solution that is ideal for computer use at home or in the office. The full layout of the keyboard with chiclet-style keys makes typing with ease and comfort perfect for daily use in almost any task you need to complete.Its Dell Wired Keyboard provides an easy keyboard solution for daily work or home computing needs.

The full layout of the keyboard featuring chiclet-style keys allows the user to be comfortable and efficient, perfect for daily use in practically any task.The convenient multimedia keys let you easily access functions such as play, pause, rewind and fast-forward plus volume control.With a compact design that still features a full-sized keyboard and number pad, the Dell wired keyboard is ideal for home and office environments.Dell wired keyboard also has a palm rest that is available for separate purchase.1 Year replacement warranty by dell as per dell's warranty & replacement policy.

Pros  Cons
Ideal for home and office environments Average Built
Full-sized keyboard with number pad  
1 Year replacement warranty by del  
Palm rest  


Dell Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Price:- 539.00


4) Logitech Compact Wireless Keyboard 

The compact keyboard is three-quarters smaller that regular keyboards, but it has all the usual keys, so doing what you enjoy is as simple as it has ever been.The keyboard is clever and has all of the standard keys, which means you can make the most of space, without sacrificing any of the features. 
The tiny wireless keyboard is 36 percent smaller than traditional keyboards yet includes all the keys you'd expect, so doing what you enjoy is as simple as it has ever been. It can be used using wireless, wired, Bluetooth and gaming mouse.

Special Features :-

  • This Keyboard Connection Technology is Wireless. 
  • This Keyboard includes components like Nano receiver, 2AAA batteries and User documentation. 
  • This Keyboard is Compatible with devices like PC and Laptop.
  •  It has Extended battery life and also auto sleep mode in this keyboard. 
  • The stable wireless connection allows you to play or work from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away, without delays or dropouts.
Pros Cons 
Standard keys 36 percent smaller than traditional keyboards 
wireless, wired, Bluetooth Keyboard   
Gaming mouse   

Logitech Compact Wireless Keyboard 

Price:- 845.00


5) Cosmic Byte Wired Keyboard

The slim and easy Corona Keyboard from Cosmic Byte features a sleek and sleek body and 7-color RGB LED Back-lighting to provide smart performance. This Corona Keyboard has a Flat Profile with an adjustable tilt-Mechanism for a perfectly comfortably typing angle. 

Elevated Keys help provide good tactile feedback while typing, providing a pleasant gaming experience. The RGB LED Back-lighting can be adjusted to four levels of brightness and nine effects of backlighting. 

The built-in microphone on the keyboard features an impressive and unique function in which the LED responds to sounds in the surroundings as an Equalizer. The Sonic Spectrum function is only accessible with the CB-GK-02 Corona RGB Model.

Special Feature :-

  • It is a Sleek & Slim Wired Gaming Keyboard with Flat Profile.
  • It has Elevated Keys for greater tactile experience with 7-Colour RGB Backlighting with 9- Backlighting Effects.
  • It has 19-Key Anti-Ghosting with Multi-Function Hotkeys.
  • It is Scratch-Resistant Keys with 10 Million Keystroke Life.
  • It has a 1.6 meter long Braided Cable with USB Interface.
  • This 8Membrane Keyboard with Drain holes for accidental spill protection.
Pros  Cons 
Slim and easy  
Flat Profile  
Perfectly comfortably typing angle  
nine effects of backlighting  

Cosmic Byte Wired Keyboard

Price:- ₹1,299.00


6) iBall Winner Wired USB Desktop Keyboard

This keyboard allows the user to be comfortable and speedy in their work. It has soft-feel keys that provide an enjoyable typing experience. The Keyboard comes with an overall 103 keys.The keyboard has extra comfy and large 'enter backspace' and 'spacebar keys. It is equipped with 10 million cycles of switch life.The keyboard is water-resistant and has a membrane that is sealed for increased durability. It is fully compatible with Windows. 

Key Features :-

  • This Keyboard has a Simple USB Interface to just plug it and use it. 
  • This Keyboard is structured in such a way that it can protect water from going inside the keyboard. 
  • It has Soft feel Keys which makes the keyboard Comfortable and smooth in use.
  • It consists of a total warranty of 3 Years. 
  • It has a total of 103 keys which are smooth and easy to type. 
Pros  Cons 
Comfortable and speedy  
Enjoyable typing experience  
10 million cycles of switch life  
Compatible with Windows  


iBall Winner Wired USB Desktop Keyboard

Price:- 425.00


7) HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard

This Hp Keyboard features a full range of 109 keys which includes 12 working function keys and it has 3 hot keys also. This Keyboard has a cable which is 1.5 meters. This Keyboard is Compatible with Windows 7//8/10. 

It has a USB operating system with compatibility and also you can adjust Height of the Keyboard. The Dimensions of this Keyboard are 46.5L X 17 W X 3H. This keyboard weighs 0.49kg. This Keyboard is so Flexible in use that you can type easily and also fast. This Keyboard's compatibility is more with Laptop rather than PC. The Mounting Hardware is a 1 Wired USB Keyboard.

Key Features :- 

  • Features a full range of 109 keys, including 12 working function keys and 3 hot keys.
  • Designed for comfort: Natural contours and shape allow the keyboard to sit in a comfortable position for your wrist and hands.
  • Simple setup: Connection is a breeze with USB connectivity so you can get up and running fast.
Pros  Cons 
109 keys includes 12 working function keys No backlight color change option
Cable which is 1.5 meters  
Compatible with Windows 7//8/10  
1 Wired USB Keyboard  
The keyboard weighs 0.49kg  

HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard

Price:- 579.00


8) Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired keyboard 

The Blaze is specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional gaming tournaments. For gamers who have low-DPI or high DPI players, it doesn't matter. Blaze is built to accommodate both. The design allows the user more space to move your mouse in a wide range using your mouse.
It is easy to carry and use the keyboard for tournaments online and offline.

The Blaze comes with a 3 LED color light that provides different LED modes. The day or nighttime modes change the color of your LED according to your preference and kill them stylishly by using Blaze.The edges of the beveled aluminum unibody have been cut with the mon-crystalline diamond, with micron tolerances. The Blaze has a life span of 10,000 keystrokes.  

Key Features :- 

  • It is a Semi-Mechanical Keyboard with Floating Keycaps, greater durability and responsiveness.
  • It has 3 Color mode for your gaming setup needs and also it has illuminated Keys. 
  • There are a total 19 keys anti-ghost for your better experience.
  • There is a Windows key-lock function to avoid notifications.  
Pros  Cons 
Use the keyboard for tournaments Only three light color combination
different LED modes  
life span of 10,000 keystrokes  

Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired keyboard 


9) EvoFox Fireblade Wired Keyboard

This special Space Saving Backlit Keyboard includes all the vital features to be able to outsmart your rivals. This keyboard for PCs as well as Macs is equipped with Elevated Keys as well as 19-Key anti Ghosting which allows users to take on a route with complete confidence in the tools you have. 

This EvoFox Fireblade Keyboard is standard with Windows Lock Key, 12 Multimedia Keys, the USB Plug N'Play. Additionally, its Breathing Backlighting in Rainbows with Rainbow Effects make the Keyboard constantly visible, and looking great.

Special Features :- 

  • This Keyboard has Laser Engraved Characters with Breathing Effect. 
  • It has Dedicated Windows Lock Key with 12 Multimedia Keys. 
  • There are a total of 19 Anti ghosting keys with 10 Million + Keystrokes tested. 
  • It has a Space Saving Design. 
  • This Keyboard Consists of a cable 1.5m long with a magnetic ring.
Pros Cons
Backlight Keyboard Not good palm support
Vital features  
Windows Lock Key  
Rainbow Effects  
Breathing Backlighting  

EvoFox Fireblade Wired Keyboard

Price:- ₹919.00


Things to Consider While Buying Keyboard 

A computer is not complete without a keyboard. The reason is that the keyboard is required to type emails, documents and for gaming, among other things. But, a keyboard will wear out over time like every other device used by computers. 
If any of the keys are no longer functioning it is necessary to replace the keyboard as soon as possible or you'll not be able to finish your project. The issue is that a lot of people purchase computer keyboards without thinking about the most vital characteristics.if u are game love then also another blog is best gaming keyboard under your budget 

here watch youtube video for best wired gaming keyboard under 1000


Our Review on Best keyboard under 1000

The keyboards that are smaller usually come with the number pad removed and could have smaller keys, or even no space between the keys. These keyboards are great in the case of tablets or you're constantly shifting it from one place to another location.

The larger keyboards are paired with keyboards that include more media keys and hotkeys. If you're looking for a game keyboard with a lot of buttons for media, USB ports etc. It is recommended choose a bigger keyboard as a default.