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Best facial kit for bride

Weddings are among the most anticipated events in every person's life. Being in the best shape is a goal for every bride, particularly as the spotlight is focused on her. A clear, clean and tidy canvas is crucial even for a skilled makeup artist to enhance your appearance. 

That's why we're providing you with the finest bridal facial kits to achieve that flawless appearance. The kits don't just fix your skin, they also nourish your skin effectively. We all follow easy home remedies that pamper our skin. Others go to salons to make sure they look radiant and flawless on their day. 

These home remedies could be a bit beneficial, however salon treatments can have huge concerns about the quality of the ingredients included in the products. So, choosing the best bridal Facial kit for your wedding will be a wise option for you all.

List of Top Quality Bridal Facial kit 2022 

Nowadays brides do not prefer beauty parlour so they choose to do facials at home only. Applying a Facial Kit at home can save you time and also money. So of the best Quality brands are mentioned below such as Lotus, Jovees , Bio Fresh etc. 

BioFresh Bridal Facial Kit ₹175.00  360 g
Banjara's Facial Kit ₹225.00 60 g
VLCC Facial Kits ₹212.00 60 g
Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit ₹875.00 349 g
Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Oxyblast Facial Kit ₹300.00 25 g
O3+ Bridal Facial Kit ₹745.00 136 g
Aryanveda Papaya Facial Kit ₹260.00 1.00 count
Aryanveda Papaya Facial Kit ₹431.00  210 g
Nature's Essence Brightening Diamond Facial Kit ₹224.00   75 g
Jovees Herbal Bridal Brightening Facial Kit ₹649.00 50 g

1) BioFresh Bridal Facial Kit

BIO FRESH Bridal Brightening Kit is a 120ML best skin glowing cream. Facials can stimulate blood circulation and improve skin health. BIO FRESH Bridal Brightening Kit includes 4 products. Please follow the instructions below. 

When combined, these products can deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin, remove any dead skin cells, and reduce melanin, which will help you glow. These products will give your skin a radiant glow and even tone. 

This facial will brighten your skin and revitalise it. Each product has been scientifically manufactured to preserve the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients, ensuring optimal results.

Special Features :-

  • This Kit includes Bridal scrub, Bridal cream, Bridal gel, Bridal percent.
  • Bio Fresh is primarily based totally on 5000-year-vintage natural recipes acknowledged to combine and have a good time body, thoughts and spirit, mixing tested natural treatment options with the technology of twenty first century bio-technology.
  • Organically natural and preservative free, dermatologist examined for safety, no animal testing.
Pros Cons
Chemical Free Facial Kit   
Animal Cruelty free   
Made with Natural ingredients   
Turmeric, neem, chickpea, orange extracts   
Suitable for all Types of skin   

BioFresh Bridal Facial Kit



2) Banjara's Facial Kit

Banjara's facial kits are a collection of four products that, when combined in a facial routine, give your skin a radiant, glowing glow. As saffron penetrates the skin, it gives you flawless skin that lasts for a long time. This bride facial kit is enriched with authentic herbs, fruits extracts and vitamins, which provide essential nutrients, reducing dark spots, pigmentation, and fine lines.

This gives it a long-lasting golden glow. The gold cleansing scrub is enriched with gentle walnut grules which exfoliate dead skin cells. It also opens pores to allow for the regrowth of skin cells. Koku butter moisturises and nourishes the skin. Swana bhasma, a skin rejuvenator, gives the skin an instant and lasting golden glow.

Special Features :-

  • Exfoliates the useless pores and skin cells, and preps the pores and skin.
  • Deeply hydrates the pores and skin thereby enhancing the pores and skin elasticity .
  • Nourishes the pores and skin, improves move and moisturizes pores and skin.
  • Face Absorbs the extra oil, tightens the pores and skin making it appearance younger & healthy.
Pros  Cons 
Reduces Dark Spots  
Reduces Pigmentation and fine lines   
Suitable for all Skin Types   
Includes Aloe-Vera Scent   



3) VLCC Facial Kits

This Facial kit is designed to help remove dead cells from the skin and maintain a healthy pH level. This kit gently moisturises and restores the skin's lustre. It stimulates cell renewal and gives skin a radiant youthful glow. 

This best facial kit for glowing skin for bridal works to exfoliate the skin and give it a porcelain-like smoothness. Rose Petal and other botanical extracts help to nourish and revive the skin. This makes it appear soft, radiant, and healthier. Turmeric's antiseptic and antibacterial abilities keep skin infections at bay. This helps to stimulate new cell development and rejuvenation.

Aloe Vera is also known as the plant that will never die. It can work wonders on the skin. It has anti-allergic properties, anti-inflammatory, hydrating healing and rejuvenating abilities.

Special Features :-

  • Helps exfoliate and detoxify the pores and skin, giving it a porcelain-like smoothness.
  • It hurries up mobile ular renewal, giving the pores and skin a younger glow. 
  • It lightly nourishes the pores and skin and facilitates repair of its lustre. 
  • It facilitates disposal of useless cells and continues pH stability of the pores and skin.
Pros  Cons 
Develops new cells   
Anti-allergic properties   
Gives Radiant glow   
Exfoliates the skin   
Restores skin lustre   

VLCC Facial Kits

Price:- ₹212.00


4) Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit

Lotus Herbal Radiant gold Cellular glow Facial Kit is the perfect solution if you want to instantly look radiant. This simple-to-use facial kit includes 24K Gold leaves, horse chestnut and papaya extracts that stimulate cell growth. It will revitalise your skin, making it appear younger. Your skin will look radiant and healthy with the help of the gold leaves. 

This gentle exfoliating cleanser contains horse chestnut and papaya extracts that gently clean your skin of dead cells. They also remove dirt, grime, and excess oils. This cleanser contains natural astringents that soothe and calm irritated skin. 

The massage cream is rich in gold leaf particles and absorbs quickly into the skin to revitalise inner layers. This will help restore and replenish your skin's natural glow.

Special Features :-

  • The herbal astringents on this cleaner soothe, angry pores and skin and misery. 
  • This activator tightens and companies your pores and skin making it appear younger.
  • This enables repair and refill the herbal radiance of your pores and skin. This rubdown cream penetrates deep into your pores and skin cells to
  • enhance blood circulation which imparts a glow in your pores and skin. 
  • This in particular formulated masks reverses the results of oxidation at the layers of your pores and skin and hastens pores and skin renewal to
  • present you pores and skin which appears healthy & gorgeously radiant.


Pros  Cons 
Calms irritated skin   
Removes excess oil   
Gives Natural glow to skin  
Exfoliating Cleanser   
Absorbs Quickly in Skin  

Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit

Price:- ₹875.00


5) Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Oxyblast Facial Kit 

As we grow older the oxygen level in our skin drops and results in the loss of elasticity in skin and also skin starts forming lines. This cheryl’s oxyblast facial kit is a monthly skin routine which replenishes lost oxygen and the active ingredients in this Facial kit helps to restructure the skin leaving it healthy and radiant. 

This facial injects oxygen deep into the skin, which results in increased luminosity and radiance. As oxygen levels decrease with age, this facial has amazing anti-aging benefits. It restores the oxygen in the skin making the skin appear more radiant. 

This DIY facial kit, which is 7-steps in length, replenishes the skin's oxygen levels and deposits nutrients to the epidermis. It can be used once and then stored for future use.

Special Features :-

  • Antioxidants save your pores and skin damage. 
  • Enriched with fruit enzymes that exfoliate pores and skin to expose sparkling new layers.
  • Energises and hydrates pores and skin for a radiant glow.
Pros  Cons 
Active ingredients   
Restructures the skin   
Anti-aging Benefits   
Fruit enzymes enriched  
Soft and creamy  

Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Oxyblast Facial Kit 

Price:- ₹300.00


6) O3+ Bridal Facial Kit

This facial kit can be used to remove tan, dirt, and dead skin cells. It will also last several days. This 10-step regimen will give you amazing results. It boosts your skin's radiance and solves multiple skin problems.

This kit contains everything you need to lighten, moisturise, purify, and remove tan. This Bridal Facial Kit with Vitamin C is ideal for all skin types. It will give you flawless, seamless skin and give you the whitening and brightening benefits that you desire.This kit contains all the ingredients necessary to lighten, moisturise, purify, and remove tan.

Special Features :-

  • Bridal Facial Kit Vitamin C Glowing Skin is a ten step routine that guarantees splendid consequences because it boosts radiance whilst fixing more than one pores and skin concerns. 
  • All contaminants of this package work collectively to brighten, moisturize, purify & cast off tan from the pores and skin. 
  • 10 Step Regimen to Brighten, Moisturize, Purify & Remove Tan Gently Repair.
  • Moisturize for Smooth, Clean & Radiant Look Brighten, Moisturize, Purify Skin.
  • Remove Tan Removes Skin Tan, Dark Spots & Uneven Tone Face Pore Cleansing, Brightening & Radiant Glow.
Pros Cons 
Includes Vitamin C   
Cucumber Extracts  
Boosts your skin  
Suitable for all skin types   
Removes Tan  

Price:- 745.00


7) Beauty Feel Bridal Facial kit 

The Beauty Feel Facial Kit includes a complete kit including a cleansing milk, face pack, scrub, and massage gel. This allows you to have a perfect facial at home in fewer steps. Each product contains skin-friendly ingredients to help preserve the skin's natural health, show skin's true glow, and protect against other skin infections. 

Each product is a combination of both traditional and modern Ayurvedic methods to ensure you have the best facial experience. Professional bridal facial kit will give you a natural glow and smoothen your skin. It also helps to remove dirt, blackheads, and sunburns. Professional Feel Facial kit is used to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. It gives you a lustrous, clean, and healthy skin surface.

Special Features :-

  • Cleans dust, dirt, polluted , and other impurities off face.
  • Removes whiteheads and blackheads as well as dead skin cells.
  • Soft, smooth, and smooth skin's surface following application.
  • Any person who has any type of skin can apply it to treat facial.
  • Lightens skin tone, increases elasticity of skin and keeps it glowing.
  • Effective in preventing skin problems and help you smoother skin tone.
Pros Cons
Removes Tan from skin  
Instant Result without Damaging ski  
Suitable for all skin Types   
Gives you Radiant and glowing skin  
Makes your skin Healthier   

Beauty Feel Bridal Facial kit 

Price:- 260.00


8) Aryanveda Papaya Facial Kit

The papaya product contains all natural ingredients which protect skin and helps to improve some minor skin disorders like acne, pimples and pimples. It also scrapes away dead skin and assists in the creation of new cells for the skin, providing us with fresh, hydrated, healthy, and glowing skin. 

The papaya kit for spas contains special extracts from papaya that are unique as well as a range of beauty products that assist in the removal of dirt pollution, dust and pollutant from the pores of the skin and gives us a natural glow that is why it is the best facial kit for bridal in india. 

The kit is made up of organic ingredients like papaya, aloe vera olive, jojoba oil that help provide sufficient nourishment to your skin in every way and helps to improve the appearance of the skin.

Special Features :- 

  • Reduces minor skin disorders as well as boils, and helps control acne. 
  • Skin exfoliates and is a source of renewal of skin tissue. 
  • Removes dead skin cells and also promotes natural development of skin cells. 
  • Aids in reducing dryness, hyperpigmentation as well as blemishes, under-eye circles and black circles. 
  • It reduces signs of ageing , fights acne and reduces the appearance of blemishes. 
  • It helps reduce inflammation of the skin and speeds up your healing.
Pros  Cons
Enriched with papaya extracts   
Reduces inflamed and irritated skin  
Fights acne   
Hydrated the skin  
Stops premature greying  

Aryanveda Papaya Facial Kit



9) Nature's Essence Brightening Diamond Facial Kit 

The Brightening Diamond Nature's Essence Kit is safe for all types of skin. Nature's Essence The Brightening Diamond Facial Kit. Diamond Facial Kit is a four-step procedure that functions as an organic tone enhancer that is beneficial to the skin.

This Facial Kit is made of zircon ash and the acid lactic that gives the appearance of a uniform complexion as well as a silky texture to the skin that is why it is the best facial for bridal. It is a Facial Kit composed of natural ingredients like Vitamin E and wheat germ oil as well as almond oil and honey wax.Natural Essence brightening Diamond Facial Kit reduces the appearance of imperfections and moisturises the skin.

Special Features :-

  • Make yourself ready for a salon kind of glow at home. 
  • Cleanse, nourish, and polish and smooth your skin using the diamond face kit with brightening. 
  • The kit includes an unrestricted De-Tan treatment wipe-off mask, which is vital for pre-facial preparation. 
  • Be ready to show off your skin that is diamond-white and brilliant diamond.
Pros  Cons 
Suitable for all Skin type  
Get Radiant Skin   
Best Natural Ingredients   
De-Tan your skin   
Made with Natural Ingredients  

Nature's Essence Brightening Diamond Facial Kit 



10) Jovees Herbal Bridal Brightening Facial Kit

Jovees chooses the top natural or ayurvedic ingredients to create balanced and efficient products that provide nourishment to your hair and skin. The kit includes all of our products from our Bridal series in a price-effective package that is the ideal gift for brides-to-be, brides-to-be and newlyweds. 

The items included in this kit includes Bridal Brightening Face Cleanser, Bridal Brightening Face Scrub, Bridal Brightening Face Massage Cream, Bridal Brightening Face Masque as well as Bridal Brightening Face Cream. Bridal Brightening Face Cream. 

The Facial Kit is a five-step process to reduce dullness and bring back brightness to the epidermis. It is a Facial Kit includes Paraben, Alcohol and Cruelty free. This Facial Kit includes the masque, gel and creme that gives a radiant shine for the bride.

Special Features :-

  • 5 formula steps to lessen dullness and restore radiance to the epidermis.
  • mix of gel, creme and masque. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Paraben,Alcohol and Cruelty Free.
  • 5 formula step to reduce dullness and bring back radiance the epidermis.
  • This cream is dermatologically tested. It is suitable for both men and women of all types of skin. Paraben, Alcohol and Cruelty free.
Pros  Cons 
Reduces Dullness and dark spots   
Gives radiant shine   
Provides nourishment to skin   
Balances Moisture and clarifies skin   
Free from alcohol, paraben and cruelty.  

Jovees Herbal Bridal Brightening Facial Kit

Price:- 649.00


Things to Consider while buying Bridal Facial Kit :- 

A great skin care regimen is only as great in the product you choose to use. While high-quality products will improve your skin's appearance both now and in the future, low-quality products may not be effective and may even cause harm. Gold-infused facials are the latest fashion. They provide anti-aging benefits to bring back the natural lustre of your skin and give you a younger appearance. Gold facials also moisturise the skin, and can help reduce wrinkles and lines. 

Thanks to the benefits of the gold and herbs the kits are suitable for all kinds of skin. We've selected the top gold facial kits from India for you to select the most suitable product. Here are some companies that make individual facial kits. However, as I have said , not all brands are easily transportable. In the next section, I'll be discussing the 10 top cosmetic kits available in India that work for both males and females. If you are looking for flawless skin, you should consider one of these kits for your face. 

Our Review on the Best Bridal Facial Kit

The best of the facial kits are on sale. You can make use of these kits at home if you do not feel comfortable visiting the salon as they're certainly more efficient in comparison to the money you'll pay on a trip to the salon. We hope that you would have liked our suggestion mentioned in our blog and it would have helped you to find the bridal facial kit best for your skin type.