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With Powerful Battery Capacity Try Best Bluetooth Speakers below 1000

Best Bluetooth speaker under 1000

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker to give your home a party feel under a 1000 rs budget? So you will be given complete information about the best Bluetooth under 1000 here. Bluetooth speakers are small enough to carry around. Which is the reason they've become well-known.When purchasing speakers, Rs.1000 is the sweet price for most customers

watch youtube video of op 5 best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 3000.

There are many options available in the market. But on the basis of style, portability, as well as the sound quality we will make the right choice.So,here we will deeply discuss best Bluetooth speakers less than 1000 rs for you Checkout the Magicpin coupons to get the best deals for speakers 

These speakers may have multiple connectivity options like USB/Wireless SD and an AUX. It may also has water resistant proof that means no cause if water may spill. Along with these Bluetooth speakers have dual drivers that give  deep bass as well as clear mid-range. And high-pitched 360-degree surround sound check out follow bluetooth speakers under 1000 which best for you.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint ₹999.00  ‎4**** Rating
Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ₹1139.00 4**** Rating
pTron Quinto 5W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker ₹699.00 4**** Rating
Zebronics ZEB-VITA Bluetooth ₹899.00 4**** Rating
boAt Stone 180 5W Bluetooth Speaker ₹899.00 4**** Rating
Quantum SonoTrix 51 Bluetooth Speaker ₹895.00 4**** Rating
SONOTRIX 51 by Quantum Bluetooth Speaker ₹699.00 4**** Rating
CROMA Bluetooth Speaker ₹499.00 4**** Rating
Philips Bluetooth Speaker ₹749.00  4**** Rating
Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker ₹799.00  4**** Rating

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What Are the Factors to consider While Buying Bluetooth speaker under 1000

Celebrations are a vital part of our lives. And in the absence of music and sound it will be quite off and turn into a bland affair. No matter if there is a house party, birthday celebration or a family get together. You must need a good quality music experience under 1000 rupees.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a handy product to have while celebrating. But choosing the right option will be a tricky thing. So, here in this blog, you will find a list of top things to consider while buying a Best portable Bluetooth speaker under 1000 rs.

1. Good Sound Output

Good Sound Quality is the key feature we all are looking for in our Bluetooth speaker. This feature comes with robust bass delivery. It is the most important factor to consider before making an investment in buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It will enhance your music experience.

If you are looking for a deep and robust bass then you should select the speaker that comes with a radiator and dual drivers which raises your sound quality.

The bass radiator will improve the bass response. While on the other hand dual drivers produce more powerful and blast sound effects which enhance performance to next level. You should also consider the power and frequency.

2. Range of the Speakers

Basically, what we are looking for in a Bluetooth speaker is flawlessly function up to at least 30 feet. In simple words, good range of the speaker. Wireless speakers are consider to be of good quality while talking about the range at both indoor and outdoor.

Range capacity of the Bluetooth speaker will improve the music experience. There are many latest wireless Bluetooth speakers which allow a great signal range in between 100 to 150 feet.

Make sure that while buying the best Bluetooth speaker you pick not only with good quality sound and robust bass delivery but also with the good range true wireless connectivity feature.  

 3. Interactive Design

While buying a 1000 rs Bluetooth speaker another factor that you should mainly consider is good quality and portability. The wireless Bluetooth speaker should be handy and compact. The integral structure is design in such a way that it will be easier to carry to anywhere.

The portable Bluetooth speaker will be design in a new age and modified way. That should come with the current trend and engaging features with your active lifestyle.

Its handy and easy carry structure will attract you to buy. And if you are someone who always likes to carry your Bluetooth speaker on your trips or wherever you go, then you should consider this factor.

4.Battery Capacity

The main reason in buying the Bluetooth speaker is to enjoy the sound with no interruption for a long time. Basically, while buying the Bluetooth speaker it is important to find the best battery capacity and power for a good long lasting music experience.  

While buying a Bluetooth speaker its mainly depends on your usage. Which will help you to find the best fit speaker that gives you better and long music listening.

Nobody wants a speaker that will run out of battery soon. Most Bluetooth speakers guarantee 6-10 hours of battery capacity on an average. But some latest Bluetooth speakers even boost battery life up to 24 hours.  

5.Water Resistance and splash  

Accidental water spills are very common and frequent. So, it is very important to look for a Bluetooth speaker which is splash and water resistant. It is one of the main factors which everyone should consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker.

When you spend 1000 rupees,Many options are available in the market but finding the best out of all is difficult. Water resistivity features make you one step closer in selecting the best to purchase.

Water resistance feature will increase your enjoyment while in the swimming pool. It can easily be use near the swimming pool or in rain dance parties and it can easily handle mind water splashes.

6. Advanced features like Google assistant, Alexa compatibility are preferred

Our new generation needs advanced features. Now a days the need for Bluetooth speakers is not limited to listening to music and sound. Advanced features like Google assistant, Alexa compatibility are also prefer and this can be a lot more functional then usual.

Everyone likes changed and advanced features which make our use easier. These compatibility features will attract people to a very great extent.

Wireless Bluetooth must be easily control while sitting or working at a long range. This advanced feature will increase the individual demand of buying Bluetooth speakers.

This will not only raise your sound experience but it will enhance your overall Bluetooth speaker use. 

1. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint, Ultra-Portable Mini Speaker

If you want a hassle-free music then you can go with this 1000rs Bluetooth speaker to take your music sound everywhere you go. Pocket-sized mini speaker is a perfect match for your music. This is the Best Bluetooth Speakers below 1000 rupees
The Fuze pint mini speaker allows you to enjoy high quality sound and the best musical experience with enhanced bass delivery. From house events to movie streaming, make this mini blast your go-to device.
The Fuze pint mini speaker could be a great blast that’s high on your music. No matter If you are celebrating birthday parties or on a web-series binge at home, just what you need is connect your Bluetooth devices like your tablet or smartphones to our mini blast Pint and let enjoy the music.

Key Features:

  • Pocket Sized Mini Portable Bluetooth Speakers which you can carry everywhere and anywhere.
  • It is a Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Carry 5 hours capacity of Music Playtime Under Optimum Audio Settings.
  • Dual Equalizer Modes for Normal & Deep Bass Output
  • Battery Size (mAh) 3.7V/480mAH with Charging Time 2.5 H.
  • Frequency Response 180Hz - 20KHz. Signal to noise Ratio 70dB (Aux).
  • Speakers come with Voice Assistant Integration.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Speaker Type  Output 
Brand  Infinity 
Model Name  Fuze 
Product Used for  Smartphones and Tablets 
Connector Type  Wireless/ Bluetooth 
Mounting Type  Table Type 
Battery Cell Composition  Lithium iOn


Pros  Cons 
It is Heavy on Music   
Heavy Bass   
Portable Speaker   

2. Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a great option at the price of rs1000. If you are looking for a best Bluetooth Speakers in India upto to 1000rs which will make your music experience lighter and brighter than you should go with Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
It is the unbeatable outdoor companion with Bluetooth version 5.0 and 3Watts RMS output. Multiple Input modes like USB input, Micro SD card reader, FM radio, Aux input and many more.
Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is designed to enhance great sound and double up your music experience with TWS function. Moreover, this wireless Bluetooth is handy and compact. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000  you will not regret after buying.

Key Features:-

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with built in USB connector, Micro SD card reader, FM radio and Aux input.
  • Crystal Clear Sound Playback with Dynamic Sound Effect.
  • Battery Capacity of upto 5 hours of Playback.
  •  Handy and Compact with Bluetooth Version of 5.0
  • It has the power Wattage of 3 Watts.
  • 10 Meters Operating Range

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Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Connection Technology  Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxillary 
Speaker Type  Outdoor 
Brand  Artis
Model name  ‎BT90
Special Feature  Radio
Power  3 Watts 
Warranty  1 Year 


Pros  Cons 
It has In-Built FM   
It is Lightweight and Portable   
5 Hours playback time   
It has Deep Bass with Bluetooth 5.0   

3. pTron Quinto 5W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker

If your budget is 1000 then u can go with this speaker to enjoy high quality sound and immersive music experience which deliver great bass through a 5 Watt Dynamic driver. You must experience the best of all in one.

Mini Wireless Bluetooth has a fast-pairing functioning with v5.0 outdoor speaker supports hands-free calling function with a built-in high-sensitivity mic. This will raise your experience of music and sound at best.
Battery Capacity of 6 hours of Playtime, it supports plug and play music through TF card & play by USB drive. It also supports 3.5mm AUX audio input and provides you with computer speaker function. It is a speaker that gives you the effect of natural audio.

Key Features :-

  • Smooth Integrated Controls which manage call and Music with ease.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0, go wireless upto 10 metres of range.
  • Now also enjoy 2 Quinto’s speaker together to listen to stereo sound with TWS speaker function to double the sound fun.
  • Multiple connectives are available such as 3.5mm AUX | SD card | USB drive.
  • You can  Listen to music for 6 hours on a single charge.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Brand  pTron 
Speaker Type  Subwoofer 
Connection Type  Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxillary, USB
Model Name  Quinto 
Product Used For  Smartphone and Tablets 
Power Range  5 Watts 
Color  Black


Pros  Cons
Wireless Fast Pairing  supports only 3.5mm audio input
Mini Wireless speaker with Bluetooth v5.0 Only 6 hours of Playtime 
Supports Play and Plug   

4. Zebronics ZEB-VITA Bluetooth 10W Portable Bar Speaker

U can get this Bluetooth speaker in 1000 rs without any doubt. Because, the ZEB-VITA bluetooth speaker comes in a design with modified features and volume or media controls on the side. This is the best Bluetooth Speaker to buy for under rs1000.

ZEB-VITA portable speaker has a feature of built in FM Radio. So, that an individual can experience and explore best out of it. Buying this mini Bluetooth will not make you regret it.

This small device offers multiple connectivity like one can easily connect and stream any audio, video and sound wirelessly with heavy and high quality. This Bluetooth Speaker also supports USB & Micro SD card, AUX and call function button.

 Key Features:-

  • ZEB-VITA bluetooth Speakers have Output Power (RMS) of 10W. 
  • Bluetooth version 5.0, driver size 52mm and mainly supports USBSD card
  • Battery capacity of 5 hours of playtime and requires charging time of 4 hours.
  • It has Built in rechargeable battery and Fm radio.
  • These Bluetooth speakers also have a calling feature.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Speaker Type  Outdoor 
Brand  Zebronics 
Model Name  ZEB County 
Product Used For  Smartphone and Tablets 
Color  Black 
Batteries  1 Lithium Polymer Battery required 
Impedance  4 ohm 


Pros  Cons 
frequency response is 120hz-15khz Only 1 Year Warranty 
In-built FM radio   
It’s Playback Time is 5 hours   
You can use it with USB, AUX, SD, or wireless.   

5. boAt Stone 180 5W Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone Bluetooth speakers are worth 1000 rs as they can play sound for a long time. This device comes up with 1.75” Dynamic Drivers for powerful immersive and vivid sound. This device will also offer 5W of high quality sound.
Its battery power is 10 hours playtime but ensures the device is full charge before use. Its power capacity is 800mAh battery which may doubles the fun and enjoyment.
It is IPX7 rated which allows great protection against sweat and water. Device supports fast wireless connectivity with the latest Bluetooth version of 5.0. It is also having the feature of dual connectivity and changing the era with double high-quality sound.

Key Features:-

  • Battery power packed is 800mAh which provides 10 hours of non-stop playtime.
  • Dual connectivity modes: BTV5.0 and AUX.
  • Speakers getting charge in 1.5 Hours
  • Lightweight style to increase portability and compact.
  • Stone 180 Bluetooth Speaker 5W immersive boAt Signature sound.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Connector Type Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxillary 
Brand      boAt 
Model Name  Stoen 180
Product Used For Smartphone and Tablets 
Special Feature  Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth 
Warranty1 Year 1 Year
Average Battery Life  10 Hours


Pros  Cons 
8000mAh Battery Only 1 year warranty 
5 Watt Top Quality Audio  
Dual connectivity   
Bluetooth 5.0   

6. Quantum SonoTrix 51 Bluetooth Speaker

When we are talking about Bluetooth Speakers not higher than 1000 rupees then you must consider Quantum 5.1 speakers. Which produces HD sound with great bass quality with no interruption. It provides long range connectivity and increases sound productivity.

It is a 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has IPX7 technology that protects it against every environmental factor and produces excellent sound quality. Also allows TWS dual connectivity sound.

This device has 2000mAh battery which gives long lasting playtime of 19 hours with volume set 70%. It has unbeatable quality which maintains deep and rich bass that create the best musical exposure to the listers.

Key Features:- 

  • It has 2000mAh battery which lasts for 19 hours (vol upto 70%).
  • It has Dual connection with TWS feature which raises your sound and music quality.
  • 3-way connect mode such as USB drive, aux cable, or SD/TF card so that we can share our playlist easily. 
  • Devices can be used during shower, Tracking, outing, camping, Picnic with no worry because of waterproof quality.

7. SONOTRIX 51 by Quantum Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth Speaker can be a good option under 1000rs. This device makes your music journey like a roller coaster. Firstly, it has a high-definition sound with blast bass. It provides long range connectivity and long last battery playtime of 19 hours.

In addition, devices have built-in microphones which offer high quality calls as a result, now you can attend your important calls while doing work or resting in bed. Moreover, it has a dual connectivity feature with the TWS Bluetooth speaker.

Power packed 2000mAh battery gives 19 hours of playback with a medium set of volume . It is a 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker and has IPX7 technology which allows you to take it to the swimming pool, rain parties or you can also use it during shower with no worries.

Key Features:- 

  • It has 2000mAh battery which lasts for 19 hours (vol upto 70%).
  • Bluetooth consists of a mic  which allows you to attend calls with high quality sound.
  • 3-way connect mode such as USB drive, aux cable, or SD/TF card so that we can share our favourite playlist easily.
  • Device can be used during shower, swimming, pool parties, or rain dance without worry because of waterproof quality.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Speaker Type  Surround 
Connector Type  Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxillary 
Product Used for  Smartphones and  Tablets 
Special Feature  Ultra Portable, 
Power Source  Battery 
Speaker Connectivity  Wired


Pros  Cons 
It has Stunning Flash Led   
Bluetooth 5. 0 Wireless technology  
stable and fast transmission  
paired with powerful and stunning bass  

8. CROMA Bluetooth Speaker

This is quite a good Bluetooth Speaker in the range of 1000 rupees. No matter where you are and where you go, you can easily access to your favourite playlist without compromising sound quality with CROMA.  

A unique and handy design of this speaker with hooked shaped allows you to clip it to your wallets, purse, bags etc. As a result it carries the trendy way of enjoying and experiencing music.

CROMA Bluetooth speaker consists of a mic that gives the benefit of hand-free calling feature. Moreover, the device also has a good battery life of 300mAh which is good enough to listen to music at mid volume for 4 hours. Therefore it is one of the best Bluetooth Speakers in India upto to 1000.

Key Features:- 

  • CROMA Bluetooth speaker consists of a mic for hand-free calling feature.
  • Device is designed to be unique and handy according to the younger generation.
  • It is Wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with long ranger capacity and high-quality sound.
  • Device has a hooked like shaped body which makes it more easily carried.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Colour  Gray 
Speaker Type Bluetooth Speaker 
Warranty  1 Year 
Model name  Zeb-Vita 
Special Feature  Wireless, Portable 
Playback Time  5 Hours 
Bluetooth Version  5.0


Pros  Cons 
Sleek Design   
Stream any audio file wirelessly   
Used with USB , AUX Input   
It comes with a Call Function   

9. Philips Bluetooth Speaker

If you like compact size or small size Bluetooth speakers then this would be a good option upto 1000 for sure. Philips Bluetooth Speaker is a small sized portable speaker which enhances your sound experience in addition to high quality sound.
Philips Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice so, which we must recommend to you to try its sound and heavy bass delivery. It is handy and compact. Moreover, it will not make your regret your choice.
Device has built in mic, fast connectivity and easy playback from the SD card. However, it will trouble you less with audio in connectivity so it will easily get connect with electronic devices. In addition, It has a built-in rechargeable battery which helps you to listen anywhere and everywhere.

Key Features:-

  • Fasting charging with the long last battery back.
  • Easy playback from SD card without compromising with quality.
  • Built in mic which supports hand free calling. 
  • Rapidly connected with any electronic devices.
  • Devices come up with a strap for individuals to carry around.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Brand  pTron 
Speaker Type  Subwoofer 
Power  5 Watts 
Batteries  1 Lithium ion Battery 
Connectivity Technology  Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxillary, USB
Model Name  Sonar Lite 
Battery  12000 mAh 


Pros  Cons 
Wireless Bluetooth v5.0 outdoor speaker N A
12 hours of music playtime.   
Play via USB drive  
Remarkable sound Quality with deep bass   

10. Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker

Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker is the best-selling Bluetooth speaker in the rs1000 range. It delivers solid bass with deep and powerful sound to make you fall in love with each music.  As a result, this is the best Bluetooth Speaker that will change your music experience to a great extent.

This is a made in India product so, which offers non-stop playback of 12 long hours on a single charge. This would help in keeping the party ongoing and long lasting.

Nobody likes interruptions, so our Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 enhances your experience and lets you enjoy the feel of good music. Therefore, advanced quality keeps your connection strong and uninterrupted. So, let's make your journey more exciting.  

Key Features:-

  • Deep and powerful sound quality with a solid bass.
  • Fast connectivity and long-lasting battery for 12 hours non-stop playback.
  • Small sized design helps you to carry it more effectively.
  • Uninterrupted music with high quality sound with strong long-range connection.
  • Perfect match for you and your partner to make the era more lovable.

Speaker Highlight 

Category  Specification 
Brand  Mivi 
Special Feature  Waterproof, Built-in Microphone 
Model Name  Roam 2
Product used for  Smartphones and tablets 
Audio Output Mode Stereo
Connectivity  Wireless 
Average Battery Life  12 Hours


Pros  Cons 
Produced in India  Only warranty for a year 
It gives you clear and High Quality sound  
5W Bluetooth speaker   

What are the Do and don'ts after brought Bluetooth Speaker under 1000

After Buying the bluetooth speaker under the budget of 1000, there are few points you need to take care of. Bluetooth speakers must have high quality sound Quality, great bass delivery, good range of the speaker with latest bluetooth version and long lasting battery capacity. Hence, there are few things keep in mind after buying Bluetooth speaker as follow:

Things to do after buying Bluetooth speaker 

  • Check the mentioned features that should be included.
  • Do check the warranty card at first.
  • Do check any damage or functional issue.
  • Give a review of quality and brand. 

Things not to do 

  • Don't use the bluetooth speaker roughly.
  • Do not apply a heavy load over the speaker.
  • Do not let the battery drain completely every time.
  • Avoid water and accidental heavy spills.
  • Do not use the Bluetooth speaker without regarding instruction. 


Bluetooth speakers are now affordable. That's great since they can be useful, especially in an age where phones aren't equipped with headphone ports. If you're on a budget it is likely that you may compromise on the quality of sound.

However, the market is now to those who require a reliable Bluetooth speaker with a price less than 1000 rupees. These Bluetooth speakers are available in various shapes and sizes, and offer robust features and promises an extended playback time.

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