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Best Herbal and ayurvedic cream for pimples in india

Acne can be a problem as we grow up. The best Ayurvedic cream to treat pimples is what we search for. Excessive oil can lead to pimples. The result is a dull, lifeless face. Anti-acne creams decrease the appearance of pimples and reduce their formation. Pimples take place during our teenage. 

Is pimple problem irritating you ?The hormonal changes that occur during this period of our lives can cause pimples. Ayurvedic remedies for pimples are the most effective. They can heal pimples from the inside. This brings a new look to our faces. Pimples that are on our faces take between 10 to 15 days to heal. Pimples will not disappear once they are gone. 

This causes a monotonous appearance to our faces. These marks can take between two and three weeks to disappear. In extreme cases, they can remain for a lifetime. It is crucial to get them treated quickly. This prevents scarring and worsening of the skin.

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Top 9 ayurvedic cream for pimples

Acne is a common skin problem for most people. There are many reasons why pimples and acne can occur. Clogged pores are the most common cause. Accumulated oil from the glands can react with dead skin cells and dust particles to cause pimples or acne.

1) Bello Acne n Pimple Cream

Bella is one of the most trusted names in the Indian market. It reduces the pimples and is available at a reasonable price. Apart from acne, it also removes the blemishes of the face. If you have got or are prone to pimples, then you can use it.

It has great microbial properties of being an Anti-inflammatory & Anti Oxidant. It is 100% ayurvedic and free from Sulphate & Paraben. It is the best ayurvedic for pimples and dark spots.

This pimple marks removal ayurvedic cream is made from herbal ingredients. Applying it will not have any side effects on your face. It has the goodness of Tulsi, Aloe Vera and Neem. This pimple removal ayurvedic cream makes the skin clear. On regular use it makes the face pimple free.

 Bello Acne n Pimple Cream

Price :- ₹200/-


2) Neuhack Turmeric gel - Ayurvedic anti acne scars cream

Neuhack is a great ayurvedic face cream for pimples. It is prepared from the goodness of herbal ingredients.  The ingredients are Curcuma Longa, Turmeric and Curcumin. According to experts, this is quite potent.  

It is an effective formula to treat acne, marks, boils and wounds. This property makes it very good. 

It is 100% vegan cream and is free from Paraben, Sulphate and Chemical. People of all skin types can use this. No preservatives have been added in this ayurvedic cream for pimple marks. 

This ayurvedic cream for acne balances the skin's excess oil. This reduces the pimples' growth. It lightens the blemishes, reduces recurrence of pigmentation. Further it moisturizes and hydrates skin, repairing sun-damage. The pimple cream in ayurveda brightens the skin tone and maintains youthful skin. 

 Neuhack Turmeric gel - Ayurvedic anti acne scars cream

Price :- ₹239/-


3) Panchvati Herbal Cream, for Pimple, Blemishes, Lentigo & Acne 

Panchvati is another good Ayurvedic Pimple cream. It has a friendly composition of skin friendly herbal ingredients.  These are Lemon, Safeda,Cardamom, Jatamansi, Ras Kapoor, Badan Giri, Anar and Soathika Bhasm.

All these ingredients make a powerful anti acne cream.This pimples ayurvedic cream is free of harmful chemicals and is 100% natural.

This anti acne not only reduces or helps in vanishing of pimples. But also stops their further growth. This cream has multiple benefits. Such as it helps in subsiding acne formation, redness of skin, evening the tones of skin removing black patches, clearing up blemishes and scars.

These promote healthy skin. This is definitely a good option at a reasonable cost.

Panchvati Herbal Cream, for Pimple, Blemishes, Lentigo & Acne

Price :- ₹160/-


4) Khadi India Ayurvedic and herbal anti acne pimple cream

Khadi is a very good Ayurvedic Cream for acne. It has a healthy combination of rare indian herbal ingredients and anti-bacterial herbal nutrients. Ingredients such as Tea Tree and Nutmeg oil are present. This makes it highly effective and useful.

This product is free from Paraben, Mineral oil and all other harmful materials.

It can remove acne as well as reduce the inflammation and scars caused by acne and can be applied on all types of skin. This Pimple marks removal of ayurvedic cream cures pimples.

It also has clear marks and gives you a fair and glowing complexion. Apart from being effective in disappearance of existing Pimples. It also destroys acne causing bacteria. This pimples ayurveda cream reduces the chances of getting acne again on the face. 

 Khadi India Ayurvedic and herbal anti acne pimple cream

Price :- ₹269/-


5) Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Day Cream 

In the list of ayurvedic Pimple cream, the name of this Biotique produced cream on the top. Biotique is an Indian brand that offers a wide range of skin care and beauty products which are very useful. It is made from pure herbal ingredients.They are Rakt chandan, Madhu, Ashwagandha, Adu, Cream base and Arjun.

This Ayurvedic Pimple cream is free from any harmful ingredients. It has no mineral, chemical, paraben and Sulphate.

This has a maximum shelf life of 36 months. It has a natural source of vitamins and minerals. These sources help in nourishment of facial skin.This ayurvedic cream helps in treating wrinkles and dry lines.

Regular use of this cream will help in reducing these skin issues. Besides treating wrinkles, this body cream has the capability of revitalising the skin cells and retaining the youthfulness of skin.

 Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Day Cream

Price :- ₹181/-


6) Khadi Rishikesh Ayurvedic Acne Pimple Cream

This ayurvedic cream for Pimples and dark spots is 100% made in India. It is made from the goodness of 12 unique herbal ingredients. These are Aloe vera extract lemon peel, tea tree oil , clove, chamomile, basil oil and Basa. These herbs work synergistically and encompass all barriers.

This anti acne cream is a gel-based formula that doesn’t feel sticky. The natural and herbal ingredients present in it makes it a suitable cream for regular use and wear. 

This anti acne creams soaks the excess oil present on facial skin. This makes it less prone for pimple growth. It has anti-blemishes properties which is effective in treating the scars and spots.

The regular use of it  prevents future spots and uneven tone and provides a bright, poreless and flawless skin without dryness.


Khadi Rishikesh Ayurvedic Acne Pimple Cream

Price :- ₹265/-


7) Greencure Acnesilk Herbal Anti Acne & Pimple Cream 

This pimple marks removal of ayurvedic cream infused with the goodness of rich herbal ingredients. These are Bamboo Silk, Salicylic Acid, Red Clover Extract and Magnolia Bark as per European Union Norms. Along with Ayurveda experts theories this anti acne cream uses German technology. 

This Acne Silk cream is free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic Colour, SLS  and SLES. This ensures that it will not have any harmful effects on your skin.

This ayurvedic face cream for Pimples helps in healing of pimples. It prevents their future breakouts. The bamboo silk present in it gives an anti-shine effect. This helps in control of excess oil.

It heals the scars, pores and pigmentation present on the face. Thus provides a glowing and radiant skin. 


Greencure Acnesilk Herbal Anti Acne & Pimple Cream

Price :- ₹165/-


8) Ayurderm Gel/Cream for Pimples, Acne 

This ayurvedic cream for acne is made from 9 pure herbal ingredients. These ingredients are 100% natural. They are powerful in Acne, Pimples and other fungal skin infections. It is 100% prepared in India. It has a specialty of Sesame oil, Neem, Haldi and Camphor. They provide all round nourishment to skin. 

It uses no chemical and is free from Paraben and any chemical. The used natural ingredients have characteristic properties like Anti-Inflammatory, 

This is the best ayurvedic cream for Pimples. Apart from controlling the pimples it also controls their redness and scars. It is very useful in itching, scaling of skin, and lesions. It keeps the skin healthy and dry. The regular use of it makes the skin glowing and beautiful. 

Ayurderm Gel/Cream for Pimples, Acne

Price :- ₹150/-



9) Bajaj Nomarks Ayurveda Cream for Normal Skin 

This pimple marks removal of ayurvedic cream is the best. It is the most trusted anti acne cream available in the market. It has goodness of many herbal ingredients. They help in curing the pimples without any side effects.

It can be used daily even on normal skin to reduce any kinds of scars or blemishes. 

Normal Skin is an Ayurvedic skin safe formulation with the goodness of Turmeric, Lemon and wheat germ oil. Enriched with antibacterials, herbal micronutrients, antioxidants and organic actives.

This Pimple marks removal of ayurvedic cream. Benefits such as soothing, restoration, protection and prevention. It has antibacterial properties that help prevent marks occurring due to skin stress.

This cream helps in providing relief to the normal skin type with marks.

 Bajaj Nomarks Ayurveda Cream for Normal Ski

Price :- ₹120/-



Benefits of Ayurvedic Cream for Pimples

The Ayurvedic Cream for Pimples has many benefits over other creams. It effectively controls pimples and treats various skin eruptions. It is purely made from herbal ingredients and has no side effects. 

The unique herbal combination helps to reduce the skin inflammation, infection, blemishes etc. It is power-packed with stringent, styptic, antimicrobial, cooling properties and includes moisturizing and healing effects.do u have oli skin ?then you can go for this our another blog Best soap for acne and oily skin 


If you love your face and wants to look it glowing & radiant with scars and blemishes free, you must use any of the above mentioned pimple creams. Using only face cream won’t be effective unless you choose a proper face wash.