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Best casual shoes for women in india

Many women don't want to wear heels. Others prefer taking long walks in these comfortable and stylish casual shoes. Honestly nothing against other footwear. For girls but the comfort these casual shoes offer is unparalleled until today. Best casual shoes for women have no straps that might sabotage your outfit at the most crucial times. These beauties can be worn with virtually any outfit.

There are endless choices that range from shoes to slip-ons, lace-ups with textured and printed designs to pick from. No matter how elegant or sophisticated your wardrobe may be, it will never be complete without a pair of casual shoes that you can slip into whenever nothing else fits. A pair of well-matched casual sneakers will make any outfit look more stylish, no matter if it is a maxi dress, a skirt, or a kurta.

 It's easy to find casual shoes which are best for women with the wide variety of styles and brands available. These Shoe’s is suitable for walking on a daily basis, casual shopping, nursing and travelling, standing for long periods outdoor sports driving, etc. If you're one of those people who hasn't updated their shoe rack with a pair of casual shoes then we have compiled this list of the top casual shoes for ladies.

List Of Some Casual Shoes for Women :-

1) Jenn Ardor Women’s Casual Sneakers 

JENN ARDOR slip-on shoes fit well and are extremely comfortable. There's no need to worry with the heels of your shoes cutting into your ankles again. These shoes have an elevated arch, you can still wear them without support. This shoe are easy to put on and take off they are also strong and durable. 

You can go for hours, and your feet won't be hurt. These casual ladies shoes are as comfortable as the glove. The lace-up is well-fitting and it is possible to adjust the straps too. JENN ARDOR elegant canvas shoes feature materiales with premium.

You can wear them all day long and they'll still look excellent. These shoes have a cushioned sole that makes them more comfortable at the airport. They are well worth the money.

Jenn Ardor Women’s Casual Sneakers


Price: ₹1,499.00

2) Metro Women's Heeled clogs casual Shoes 

Metro Shoes the brand has become an established brand in India. In the last 60 years, the company and its brand have come to be synonymous with unparalleled quality, skillful craftsmanship, and fashionable products within the footwear industry. 

Metro Shoes which is the largest retailer of fashionable footwear in India was the first retailer in the segment of footwear to move into an e-commerce model. These casual shoes for women's contains pure Synthetic Leather. In this shoe the heel is in Block type. 

Metro Women's Heeled clogs casual Shoes 


Price: ₹1,267.00

3) Sparx Women’s Walking Shoes 

Flaunt with these stylish and unique Sports shoes as per the latest fashion trend from the house of Sparx. Super comfortable Sports shoes with Mesh as upper material and Eva as sole material.Sparx women’s shoes have a very Strong Insole made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. These shoes' material is MESH which is one of the best materials. These shoes heels are Flat. 

Sparx Women’s Walking Shoes 


Price: ₹881.00 - ₹1,049.00

4) Red Tape Women’s Walking Shoes

Select a style from an extensive selection of sneakers exclusively created for Red Tape. These shoes are also available Blue in colour. These shoes are made of premium mesh and PU materials and cushioned footbeds to guarantee perfect wear comfort. 

This womens casual footwear has EVA soles that guarantee the highest durability. In addition to making it more fashionable and attractive and appealing, the classic design makes them perfect for casual occasions.Combine them with your stylish casual outfit and you'll have the look you want.

Red Tape Women’s Walking Shoes


Price: ₹1,518.00

5) Des Tongs Casual Sports Shoes 

Get a swagger on your step when you put our style on your feet! It's easy to carry around and without compromising the style statement. These Shoes are Made of high-quality soft rubber that confirms your feet and keeps you moving all day long.

These shoes can be worn with your preferred outfit and bring a zing to your look. No matter if it's a simple social gathering with your loved ones or a walk in the morning running, jogging, or running, allow our shoes to bring elegant style to your day.

Des Tongs Casual Sports Shoes 


Price: ₹549.00

6) 1 Walk Comfortable Casual Wear 

1 walk is a classic casual lace-up sneaker that has modern design and cotton laces that allow for the perfect fitting. Comfort-first athleisure collection. In these women's lifestyle shoes the insole is cushioned, flexible and breathable , keeping you cool throughout your hectic daily life.

These Shoe’s is suitable for walking on a daily basis, casual shopping, nursing and travelling, standing for long periods outdoor sports driving, etc.

1 Walk Comfortable Casual Wear 


Price: ₹599.00

7) Twin Toes Casual Sneakers 

This shoe has a very lightweight sole that offers comfort when running, walking, and playing. These casual sneakers for women have a Unique design and sturdy materials make every step feel comfortable and easy.

Excellent engineering creates an equilibrium in fashion, created with a powerful style and in line with the recent fashion trends. In this shoe the upper consists of Synthetic and PU for breathability and protection.Sole has a comfortable feel and a sockliner with memory tech comforts every step. New technology circulates air from the heel to the toe, offering maximum cushioning. In these shoes the rubber outsole provides the grip.

Twin Toes Casual Sneakers 


Price: ₹498.00 - ₹699.00

8) Adidas Women’s Running Shoes 

The Adidas Glarus Running-inspired sneakers for women, with a new design pattern that is perfect for runners who are looking for fashionable yet comfortable shoes for running. A great combination of air-flowing Mesh and synthetic uppers make it extremely comfortable for your feet.

Durable, non-slip and blown out in one-piece super grip EVA outsole and midsole provides the best control and stability over the floor. 
The Adidas Glarus running-inspired shoes for women feature a brand new pattern that is perfect for runners seeking elegant yet comfortable running shoes.

Adidas Women’s Running Shoes


Price: ₹1,687.00 - ₹2,499.00

9) Eeken Lifestyle Casual Shoes For Women 

These Shoes are Elegant and stylish. In this shoe the rubber sole serves as an anti-skid. These Shoes heel is cushioned and rounded to avoid blisters.
This Shoe contains Vent holes in the vamp to provide breathability as well as air circulation.These casual womens shoes have a  Lycra lining which gives soft and comfortable comfort to the feet.

Eeken Lifestyle Casual Shoes For Women 


Price: ₹983.00 - ₹1,449.00

10) BATA Women's Claire Ballet Flats 

Enjoy a great experience walking in these ballet flats made by the BATA house of BATA With a modern, refined style with exceptional comfort and style, these shoes are perfect to give your classic outfit an update.This casual women shoes has a manufactured warranty of 90 days. This shoes are specially made up of Synthetic leather to feel Comfortable.

BATA Women's Claire Ballet Flats 


Price: ₹1,033.00 - ₹1,699.00

11) Skechers Lite Walking Shoes 

The iconic design and top materials combine with the latest Skechers Technology to provide the highest level of design and comfort. Skechers Gowalk Lite Enamor is a near seamless mesh mesh upper that is casual in its ballet flat skimmer pattern.

This casual shoe for women has an Air Cooled Goga Mat insole. Construction High-rebound cushioning and flexible feedback Skechers Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole designed for the future generation of cushioning and support.Soft knitted breathable, nearly one-piece knit mesh upper Two tone knit pattern patterns. cooling weave pattern for increased comfort . Casual flat skimmer with a comfortable ballet design.

Skechers Lite Walking Shoes 


Price: ₹2,250.00 - ₹2,699.00

12 ) Vendoz White Casual Shoes

This shoe has a lightweight sole that provides comfort while running, walking, as well as in play conditions. Unique design and sturdy materials ensure that every step feels airy and light.

Excellent engineering creates a balance with style,crafted in an elegant design that is in tune with the latest trends in fashion. High-end and stylish shoes for women that are as exquisite as an artist.These casual shoes for ladies are made of high quality materials that are sturdy as well as comfortable. Vendoz is committed to providing the most comfortable shoes that can be created.

Vendoz White Casual Shoes


Price: ₹615.00

13) Mark Loire Flat Ballerina Shoes 

Women's slip-on athletic shoes are light due to the TPR soles that provide excellent flexibility and traction under feet. They are constructed of mesh uppers that are knitted so your feet can breathe. Women's flats with a simple slip-on design allows it to be worn casually for everyday wear.

Material isn't overly tight around your Feet but it is enough to ensure that it is comfortable on your feet.The comfortable slip-on shoes can be worn in any season and can be worn with any clothes. Ideal for walking on the streets and casual clothes, shopping, travel and long-term standing or driving, running and more.

Mark Loire Flat Ballerina Shoes 


Price: ₹899.00

14) Campus Women's Zoe PRO Casual Shoes

Make sure you are stylish by wearing these walking shoes for women by Campus. Made from a premium mesh upper that is knitted and a cool slip-on come with a well-fitting closure and a perfectly shaped edge and phylon sole to provide flexibility.

The foam insole offers the comfort of your feet, and the non-abrasive features ensure the best surface grip. Let your shoes air out and remove odours every day and help them keep their shape. 

Make use of shoe bags to keep away any mildew or stains and then remove any dirt that is dry off the surface with a clean cloth. don't use polish or shiner. 

Campus Women's Zoe PRO Casual Shoes


Price: ₹650.00

Things To Consider while buying Casual Shoes:- 

Always choose shoes that are of high-quality. This doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of dollars each time you shop however, we would suggest you make sure you choose footwear that will last you many years of use. It's much better to have 3 or 4 pairs worth of quality shoes than to have seven or eight low-quality shoes. They'll last a long time, and your feet will certainly notice the difference. We recommend purchasing shoes from trusted, well-known brands to have more value for your money. 

Purchase shoes with at least a half inch of space in front of your toes. Based on the material that they're constructed of, tight shoes may not allow for a lot of stretch and could be prone to cause injury to your feet. We suggest getting your new shoes used prior to wearing them out. The majority of the time, you can do this by walking around your home wearing the shoes for a couple of hours over several days.

Our view on Best casual shoes for women in india 2022

The most perfect finish to every outfit is a pair of casual footwear. They should match the outfit you're wearing and show your everyday shoes. All the Above mentioned products are of High Quality and also they are being sold at a reasonable rate. Material of each and every product are also of high Quality.