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Best moisturizer for men india 2022

Best moisturizer for men with oily skin

There are a number of moisturisers for men that give you good and glowing skin. But a number of varieties and brands people become confused about what is the best and what to buy. 

Therefore, to make your work easy and help you out, here below discuss  a brief information regarding the moisturiser for men which is best to give you desirable results.

Things to consider while buying Best 

Moisturiser for Men  

While buying moisturizer for men must consider a few things. There are a number of problems individuals face but while buying, selecting the right moisturizer for skin is really hard. 

So, to make your selection process easy. We have enlisted a few things to consider while buying the best moisturizer for men. 

Therefore, it will save your time and energy. In searching around about the things you must take care of while buying and selecting the right moisturizer for the skin.

Identification of your skin type

Before using any product on your skin you must know what your skin needs. When buying moisturizer for men you must know about your skin type. It would help in buying the right product and result in healthy skin. 

Firstly, if we talk about oily skin then people with oil skin must buy oil-free face moisturizer. As a result, it will reduce acne and pimples on the skin. Moisturizers for oily skin must be non-comedogenic and do not contain coconut oil and palm kernel oil. 

Secondly, people with dry, flaking and ashy skin must try a moisture-rich face moisturizer. Which focuses on hydrating the men’s skin. Moreover, people with normal and combination skin must try standard face moisturizer.

Your moisturizer contain SPF 

In the case of men’s moisturizer which has higher SPF is better than not applying sunscreen creams or lotion. However, moisturizer which contains SPF is consider the best moisturizer for men’s skin. 

Moreover, SPF moisturizer is often present in many forms. In addition, most men will usually apply moisturizer much thinner when compared to sunscreen lotion. 

The men's moisturizer contains SPF. If you are buying a higher SPF moisturizer then you are going in the right direction. It will protect the skin against harmful UV rays even on cloudy days it will protect your skin. 

Your skin concern 

Before buying any skin care product you must know what your skin problem is and what you are concerned about. When you are aware of your concern. Then only we will be able to choose the right moisturiser for your skin. 

Not everyone has a different skin problem because every individual has a different skin type. Therefore, not every individual suffers from the same problem. 

Hence, before buying any face moisturiser you should know about your skin problem. In order to get good and healthy skin.

Components of your moisturizer 

Nowadays, every man wants to go for natural skin care products rather than chemical or expensive ones. Natural ingredients will result in natural glowing skin with quick moisture and nourishment to the skin. 

Chemicals containing moisturizers will also give you good and glowing skin from outside. But it will slowly damage your skin from deep inside and may cause damage to the skin. Moreover, chemical moisturizers are expensive. 

On the other hand, if we talk about natural moisturizers for men’s skin. Which results in naturally soft and glowing skin. Its natural components will repair the skin from deep inside and reduce the cause of acne, pimples and other skin problems. 

Top 11 Best Moisturisers for Men in 2022

There are a number of brands and companies selling moisturizers for men. Every moisturizer comes with its own properties and quality. But what type of moisturizer you want according to your skin type is your choice. 

And for that you must deeply search around and find out the best moisturizer for men. But it will waste your energy and time. So, to save you time we are here with Top 11 Best Moisturisers For Men in 2022. 

We will give you proper knowledge about the Top 11 Best Moisturisers For Men in 2022. Hence, selecting the right moisturizer will become easy and convenient.

1) The Man’s Company Moisturizing Cream 

This face moisturizer is a good option for men as it comes with the goodness of Shea butter and Vitamin E. It is a moisturiser-cum-body lotion that offers a lot of benefits to men’s skin. This is a natural ingredients moisturizer for men.

In addition, The Man Company Moisturiser makes your skin soft and smooth through supplying the necessary nutrients to the skin. Moreover, Shea butter will supply a sufficient amount of vitamins and fatty acid to the skin for good and healthy skin.  

Moreover, this moisturiser will hydrate the skin by penetrating deep inside the skin and protecting cell membranes. As a result, this forms a barrier membrane that keeps moisture intact. This is the best men’s moisturiser for daily use specially for those who have dry skin. However, this will also work for men with oily skin as it does not leave the skin sticky. 

Key Feature: 

  • It is a natural ingredients moisturiser for men. 
  • This gives you smooth, soft and healthy skin with the goodness of Vitamin E and Shea butter. 
  • The moisturiser will hydrate the skin with deep penetration inside the skin.
  • It softens the skin without any harm and harshness at all. 
  • This is a daily moisturiser for men.


The Man’s Company Moisturizing Cream


Price: ₹276.00

2) Alfa Lab Moisturiser for men  

 Nascence lab skincare eliminates a tedious skincare routine with a quick and easy 3- step process. Just spend lower than 5 twinkles in a day for clear and luminescent skin. Nascence Lab Essential Skincare Routine can be used for all skin types. It works for both rough Skin and Soft Skin. 

This oil free moisturizer for men includes non-drying face wash that leaves your skin visibly clear and refreshed. Alfa is paraben free moisturizer in india and also it is a featherweight moisturizer with SPF 25 that hydrates the skin and protects it from UV damage, environmental and screen light pollution. Nascence labs skincare products are free of poisons similar as parabens, sulphates, synthetic scents, synthetic preservatives, added colour, and mineral canvas. 

Alfa Lab Moisturiser for men 


Price: ₹1,400.00

3) Nivea Men Greasy Moisturizer

Is your skin dull? so this face moisturizer is the perfect choice for men. It is the best men’s moisturiser which is specially developed for men’s skin. It consists of UV filters that help to reduce dark spots. 

Certainly, this skin care product is the best moisturiser for men because it contains licorice extract which gives non-greasy and fast absorbing properties. As a result, it rescues dark spots and makes the skin healthy. 

Moreover, it is a good moisturizer that contains all the important ingredients which keep the skin good and healthy. However, this moisturiser is suitable for types of skin. It is an all-in-one use product for skin because it prevents dryness and gives clean and clear skin. 

Key Feature: 

  • It is an all in one 
  • This is suitable for all types of skin.
  • It will prevent dryness and hydrate the skin. 
  • The moisturiser is fast absorbing which results in quickie action. 
  • It consists of licorice extract and UV filters which reduces dark spots.


Nivea Men Greasy Moisturizer


Price: ₹244.00

4) Spruce Shave Moisturising Cream

Designed to deliver a safe, hydrating and nourishing moisturizing experience, this face cream for men is perfect for your diurnal use. This best moisturizer for oily skin men is Ultra lightweight and quick absorbing and non-greasy.

The cream is snappily absorbed to make dry, cadaverous skin look doused, nourished and bright.This best men's face moisturiser cream contains organic Argan Oil which prevents the over-production of canvas by your skin and is a blessing for those who struggle with unctuous skin too.

Spruce Shave Moisturising Cream


Price: ₹285.00

5) Ustraa Moisturising Cream For Men 

It is the best men’s moisturiser which is specially formulated for oily skin. And if you are looking for a good moisturiser for oily skin then a man can go with this. Its gel-based formula gives you reduction in daily oil production and fast absorption. 

It consists of natural ingredients which help to keep the skin healthy. Moreover, canola oil will provide a good amount of antioxidants and Brassica Plant Extract will protects the skin from photoradiation.

As a result, it will give the soft nourished and youthful skin appearance. This moisturiser contains all the nutrients which are essential to keep the skin healthy. In simple words, this is a very beneficial and the best moisturiser for men’s skin.    

Key Feature: 

  • It will reduce your daily oil production and give you glowing skin. 
  • This is a gel-based formula which is fast absorbing.
  • The moisturiser is completely natural and good for skin.
  • It will soften and nourish the skin because it contains all the necessary nutrients for healthy skin.

Ustraa Moisturising Cream For Men 


Price: ₹262.00

6) Garnier Men Moisturizer 

talking about healthy skin for men, then this face moisturizer has to come in the list. Garnier Men's power white moisturizer comes with a number of benefits for the skin. It is the best men’s moisturizer that protects the skin from pollution with its anti-pollution properties.

Its lightweight formula is invisible on the skin and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Moreover, its lemon extract brightens dull skin and its green tea protects against pollution. It is a men’s face moisturizer that cleanses the skin and gives you a whiten look. 
However, it contains UV filters that provide all-day sun protection. This men's moisturizer comes with the goodness of green tea and lemon extract which help the skin to stay healthy and bright. 

Key Feature: 

  • It comes with the goodness of lemon extract and green tea.
  • This moisturizer provides all-day sun protection from harmful UV rays. 
  • It will brighten dull skin and prevent pollution.
  • Its lightweight formula is invisible on the skin. 


Garnier Men Moisturizer 


Price: ₹148.00

7) Qraa 10 in 1 Moisturiser for men :- 

This men’s moisturizer is a multifunctional skin care product. Therefore, this face moisturizer is considered the best moisturizer for men. It gives you total fairness and has the ability to deal with men’s tough skin. Moreover, it will reduce pigmentation. 

However, it contains all the natural components that give natural-looking skin. This men’s moisturizer comes with an array of benefits for all types of skin. In addition, it will provide moisturization, nourishment and sun protection to the skin.

This is the best moisturizer for men which is easy to use and work at both the time, day and night. It is an all day and night skin product that enhances skin health. Its natural ingredients will not harm the skin. Therefore, it's gentle enough to use on a daily basis.   

Key Feature: 

  • It is a men’s face moisturiser with sun protection properties. 
  • This comes with the goodness of natural components that reduce pigmentation. 
  • It is a multifunctional moisturiser that is able to deal with men’s tough skin.
  • The moisturiser is beneficial for all types of skin.
  • It is gentle enough for daily use.


Qraa 10 in 1 Moisturiser for men


Price: ₹247.00

8) Biotique Bio Orange Whitening Face Lotion for Men 

Searching For Perfect face moisturiser for men, then You Can Take This Without Any doubt. It is the best moisturiser for men  with all the natural ingredients that give the natural and glowing skin. 

Moreover, its natural components will deeply nourish the skin and natural vitamins and minerals help to cure and prevent any skin infection. It is a nourishing skin lotion that keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. 

This is face moisturiser that has the ability to deal with men’s tough and hard skin. It will deeply cleanse the skin and reduce pigmentation. In addition this moisturiser also prevents harmful rays of sun and is not harsh on skin. 

Key Feature: 

  • It is a totally natural moisturiser for men’s skin. 
  • The moisturiser deeply nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. 
  • This moisturiser protects and prevents any skin infection.
  • It prevents harmful rays of sun and is not harsh on the skin. 

9) mCaffeine Cappuccino Lightweight Moisturizer

mCaffeine Cappuccino Lightweight Moisturiser is an ultimate moisturiser for men. It will nourish the skin and give you smooth and soft skin. This moisturiser can consider as the finest face moisturiser ever for glowing skin for men. 

Its pure coffee and caffeine infused components are beneficial for skin. Because they are rich in antioxidant properties and easily suitable for all types of skin. Moreover, its powerful ingredients for example Vitamin E that repairs and nourishes the skin.

It is the best moisturiser for men because it will work the entire day to keep the skin healthy. But with that it will also work at night to make the skin looking glowing and healthy in the morning too. 

Key Feature: 

  • The moisturiser repairs the skin and keeps it healthy.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin.
  • This moisturiser is both, day and night skin care product. 
  • it will deeply nourish the tough skin of men.

10) Beardo Vitamin C Moisturizer 

If you want glowing skin then this face moisturiser can be very beneficial for men. It is lightweight and non-sticky that penetrates deeply in the skin and hydrates all the layers of skin without being greasy. Hence, it is one of the best men’s moisturiser. 

The moisturiser easily and quickly gets absorbed deep in the skin and moisturises the skin all day. It reduces blemishes and improves the skin texture. As a result, it restores the natural glow of the skin and keeps it healthy all the time. 

Moreover, this man's best moisturiser provides instant refreshment to the skin. In addition it will also result in soft and hydrated skin. It is suitable for all types of skin including oily skin. It is free- from chemicals therefore, it is the best moisturiser for men’s skin. 

Key Feature: 

  • It is free from chemicals such as sulphate, parabens and cruelty. 
  • The moisturise is suitable for all the seasons and safe for all types of skin. 
  • This moisturiser reduces blemishes and improves skin texture.
  • It will be a long lasting and fast absorbing skin care product that give instant hydration and softness to the skin. 
  • This is a natural moisturiser for men.

Beardo Vitamin C Moisturizer 


Price: ₹303.00

11.WOW Skin Science Organic  Face Moisturizer

If you want to bring glow on the face, then this is the best moisturizer for men. This moisturizer is 100% pure and natural. Moreover, it will deliver deep hydration to the skin and improve its nourisher level. 

However, it will protect from environmental damages and visible signs of ageing. The moisturiser helps to keep the skin matte and oil free. It is good for all types of skin. Therefore it is the best moisturizer for men. 

In addition, it delivers daily moisture and nourishment to the skin. Which is essential on a daily basis to keep the skin soft and smooth. This moisturizer contains no harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfur and silicons.  

Key Feature: 

  • It is 100% pure and natural. 
  • The moisturiser is free from harmful chemicals. 
  • This moisturiser will not be harsh on the skin. 
  • It contains all the essential nutrients which are necessary on a daily basis to the skin. 

12.UrbanBotanics Oil Free Moisturizer For Face 

Men’s skin is very rough so,this moisturiser can help you to get healthier skin. This is a quality moisturiser that maintains its balance when skin is too oily or too dry. In addition, it will also prevent other skin problems for example acne. 

It is an oil free formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and reduces dryness without affecting the skin's shine. The moisturiser reduces pigmentation and blemish in order to give glowing and healthy skin.

Moreover, natural ingredients will smoothen and soften the skin. This moisturiser helps to clear the skin and its reaction will not harm the skin. It reduces blemishes and dark spots. Therefore, it is the best moisturiser for men’s skin. 

Key Feature: 

  • It is a 100% natural moisturiser for men’s face.
  • This moisturiser reduces dark spots and blemishes.
  • It gives you natural, healthy and glowing skin.
  • The moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, whether it is oily or dry. 
  • It maintains a balance between oily and dried skin.

13. Neutrogena Hydro  Daily Face Moisturizer

Want the best moisturiser for skin, then this will be the perfect. Basically, this moisturiser is for both men and women. But while using this moisturiser results in more benefits for men’s skin. 

This moisturiser boosts up the skin nourishment and gives instant hydration to the skin. It works twice deeper in the skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Therefore, it is the best moisturiser for a man's face.

It reduces the pigmentation and dark spots. As a result, skin achieves smoothness, plumness, softness and fairness. This moisturiser strengthens the barrier for skin protection against all the skin problems. 

Key Feature: 

  • This moisturiser is totally pure.
  • It boosts up the health of the skin and gives instant hydration to the skin. 
  • The moisturiser strengthens the barrier for skin protection. 
  • It deeply nourishes and moistens the skin.

Do and don'ts after buying Moisturiser for Men  

There are a number of men concerned about grooming after buying a good moisturiser for face glow and fairness. In the market, there are numerous brands and companies providing the best moisturiser for men. But buying the right one is a challenge. So, here are few things you should remember after buying the best moisturiser for men, are as follow:

What to do after buying Moisturiser

  • Perform an analysis to check whether it is for your skin type or not. 
  • Always know about the brand and company of the product. 
  • Do check all the details and important notes if any.
  • Never forget to check the manufacturing and expiry date of the product.
  • Read about the ingredients of the product.

Not to do 

  • Do not use the product without reading the instructions. 
  • Never totally depend upon the moisturiser regarding sun protection, use sunscreen. 
  • Always gather knowledge before applying the moisturiser.
  • Never mix any other product with the moisturiser without any indication.
  • Do not keep the product open for a long time.   
  • Our Review on the Best Moisturiser for Men 
  • Everyone wants glowing and healthy skin. Certainly, for that you must take care of the product you are using. And it becomes very difficult to go for best of all. It is always advisable that you must choose an organic and natural range of men’s skin care products. 

Therefore, now people are starting to consider natural and organic products instead of chemical and expensive ones. However, natural face moisturiser for men provides total nourishment and moisturiser to the skin.

Moreover, choosing the best moisturiser for men is the first step towards good skin care. Before finding the right moisturiser you must know the type of skin you have. This will help in improving facial glow and make skin more healthier.