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Best cricket shoes under 2000 in India 

Best cricket shoes under 2000

Cricket is one of the most beloved and strongest sports in the entire world. Being a player requires mental and physical endurance. The game is essentially a game between two teams or bat and ball for fans. However, it's a game for players that involves perseverance, fitness, flexibility and the ability to adapt to unpredictable situations. Below are Some best cricket shoes under 2000 which Contains Materials like Synthetic Leather and Mesh. 
It is important to remember that the type of cricket shoe you choose will depend on where you are playing. You need half-spiked footwear for cricket to provide excellent grip and allow you to move your feet smoothly. Half-spiked shoes are great for footwork and will enable you to play with confidence. You need to be able to grip the pitch well, so full-spike shoes are recommended for bowlers.

But it depends on the surface that you are playing on. For synthetic pitch, you have the option of rubber sole shoes or stud footwear. This is also true for batsmen. Half-spiked shoes are required to provide grip and support the player while running and chasing in wet conditions. Shoes which contain proper and High quality material with proper sole are the Best Shoes for cricket under 2000.

List of Some top Cricket Shoes under 2000

Shoes are also essential as other tools for cricket. A good pair of shoes can help players to keep the correct speed and balance throughout the game. We have compiled you a list of best cricket shoes with high Quality brands like DSG Jaffa, SG cricket stud, Feroc, Puma, etc.

SG Cricket Stud Century ₹1,529.00 - ₹1,699.00  600 g
DSG Jaffa 22 Shoes (Unisex) ₹1,707.00 - ₹2,098.00 400 g
SG Ikon II Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes ₹1,763.00 700 g
ASE Pro Professional Cricket Shoes For Men  ₹1,499.00 - ₹1,599.00 750 g
Feroc ADF Orange Cricket Spikes Shoes ₹1,699.00 500 g
Puma Men’s Essential Running Shoes ₹2,595.00 - ₹2,677.00 650 g
Feroc White Grey Lightweight Spikes Shoes ₹1,599.00 400 g
Feroc Blaster Metal Spike Cricket shoes ₹1,749.00 400 g
Pro ASE men's Professional Cricket Shoes   ₹1,799.00 350 g
SEGA mens Cricket Shoes   ₹1,450.00 400 g


1) SG Cricket Stud Century 

SG CENTURY 4.0 Cricket Shoes is a Twin Colour Combination. The shoes feature a high wear tear resistant PU upper that has vent holes for increased breathability. The shoes have double grip using laces, velcro and breathable mesh uppers for greater comfort. 

SG Century includes a comfortable foam inside the collar that gives you extra assistance for the ankle.It comes with top quality EVA insoles, which provides additional comfort. The shoes come with Premium rubber outsoles for the best grip.

SG Cricket Stud Century


PRICE: ₹1,529.00 - ₹1,699.00 

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification
Special Feature Tear Resistance 
Laces  Double Grip
Outsole Material  Rubber 
Color  White Aqua Orange 
Age Range  Adult 

Special Features:-

  • Twin Colour Combination with Good flexibility, durability & A Perfect Finish.
  • Pu Upper Material with high wear & tear resistance. Vent holes To Enhance Breathability.
  • Double grip with laces & Velcro with a Breathable Mesh Upper Lining For Greater Comfort.
  • The Heel Cap is moulded For Greater Stability; High-end Rubber Outsole For the best grip and durability.
Pros  Cons 
Comfortable Foam   
Quality EVA insoles   
Additional Comfort  
Vent Holes   
Twin Colour Combination  

2) DSG Unisex Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes 

DSG is a blend that combines punched synthetic leather as well as breathable material that helps reduce weight, but still provides durability and elasticity. The High Frequency embossed design gives it a distinctive design on the surface. The shoes come in two colours: one of which is white navy and an additional white orange.

These shoes feature a premium quality rubber outsole that has smooth edges to increase grip and multi-directional grip to ensure stability and reduce the risk of fatigue for your feet. Its premium TPU external midfoot shank. 

EVA Midsole with high-end quality to ensure maximum cushioning and comfort breathing. Supersoft EVA Sockliner offers a comfortable fit. DSG cricket shoe's sole is composed from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

DSC Unisex Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes 


PRICE: ₹1,716.00 - ₹1,990.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Outsole  Rubber 
Avialable Size  6-11 
Color  White/Lime 
Material Type  Synthetic 
Manufacturer  SG
Included Components  1 Pair of Shoes 

Special Features:-

  • High-Quality EVA midsoles to provide the best cushions and comfort. 
  • High-Quality External TPU Mid Shank to the Foot for Stability and Less Foot Fatigue.
  • Outsole made of high-quality rubber with well-rounded lugs that offer greater traction and multidirectional grip. 
  • The sockliner is super soft and breathable to provide a perfect fit to wear. 
  • High-quality moulded counter made of plastic with 15mm of foam for greater stability.
Pros  Cons 
Multi layer Cushioning  
Rubber Outsole  
EVA Sockliner   
Heel Counter and Shoes Laces  

3) SG Ikon II Rubber pike Cricket Shoes 

SG IKon is a Ultra Lightweight Multi Purpose Shoe. These  Shoe’s cushioning is used to provide comfort. Comfortable support is provided by the moulded heels counter. These shoes have a moulded EVA foam foot bed that is high-grade to enhance Comfort.

A lightweight outsole provides extra grip and high performance. This Shoes is Available in size 6-11 UK. These are Lightweight and elegant rubber cricket shoes with High-quality PU uppers for unbeatable comfort. These shoe’s have a Premium rubber outsole for maximum grip with a Additional stability can be achieved with the modular heel counter.

SG Ikon II Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes 


PRICE: ₹1,788.00

 Product Highlights 


Category Specification
Sole PVC and Metal Studs
Closure Lace-up
Shoe Width Medium
Material PU Upper
Age Range Adult
Color White

Special Features:-

  • Feather light weight and great design Cricket Shoes
  • High-quality PU uppers to provide the ultimate in comfort
  • High-quality rubber outsole to provide the best grip
  • Modular heel counters that provide extra stability
  • Available in size 6-11
Pros  Cons
Light Weighted  
Rubber Out Sole   
Modular Heel  

4) ASE Pro Proffesional Cricket Shoes For Men 

For recreational players or armatures, this Cricket Shoe is highly durable and contemporary. It has a lightweight outsole, toe and heel protection, ventilation holes, superior cushioning, perfect ground traction, and superior toe and heel protection. 

These Shoes are  all Rounder for cricket, as it is suitable for all players, such as a bowler, a fielder, or keeper. It’s pu upper material is highly durable and has vent holes for breathability. This shoe has a Comfortable, breathable mesh upper lining. In these shoes high-grade Eva socks are made to increase the comfort.

ASE Pro Proffesional Cricket Shoes For Men


PRICE: ₹1,520.00 - ₹1,599.00

 Product Highlights 


Category Specification
Closure Lace-up
Shoe Width Medium
Material Type Mesh
Warranty 90 Days
Manufacturer Puma
Item Weight 650 g

Special Features:-

  • All-Rounder For Cricket , It Can Be Used by Batsman and Bowler. Fielder & Wicket Keeper.
  • Pu Upper Material with A High Wear and Tear Resistant With Vent holes To improve breathability.
  • The upper lining is breathable and breathable. For Better Comfort; Premium Eva Insock To Improve Comfort and Its
    For Adults only.
Pros  Cons 
Non-slip Sole   
Highly Breathable  
Toe and Heel Protection  
Lightweight Outsole   
Perfect Traction on Ground   

5) Feroc ADF Orange Cricket Spikes Shoes

These Original Spike Cricket Shoes from Unicorn have a synthetic/pu outer and a mesh interior.  In this Shoes rubber outsole is used for a long-lasting, comfortable fit and feel. These are the best spike shoes which feature a three-dimensional comfort liner.

This Shoe’s Comfort lining with three dimensions for a superior and long-lasting fit. It’s Ergonomic slip lasted construction for consistent sock-like fit time after time. These Shoes are Moulded tpr heels cradle secures foot in place while protecting delicate heel area.

Feroc ADF Orange Cricket Spikes Shoes


PRICE: ₹1,699.00

 Product Highlights 


Category Specification
Age Range Adult
Color Orange
Material Synthetic
Features Lightweight
Size 5 UK
Manufacturer Feroc International

Special Features:-

  • Synthetic Leather is used to create these shoes. 
  • Polyurethane leather is used to create the Outer Sole. 
  • The outsole is constructed of rubber. 
  • The shoes also have three-dimensional comfort linings for an excellent, long-lasting comfort and fit.
Pros Cons 
Moulded TPR Heels   
Comfortably Fit   
Superior and Long Lasting  
Mesh Interior   

6) Puma Men’s Essential Running Shoes 

PUMA shoes, which are sold online, are one of the most advanced footwear options. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. PUMA, which is the brand behind this line of footwear, has used a wide range of high-quality materials to design its sandals, shoes and floaters.Both style and comfort are crucial aspects. PUMA footwear offers a wide range of shoes.These shoes can be worn at casual events, colleges, picnics and outdoor events, and they are perfect for players who play cricket, basketball, or golf.

Puma Men’s Essential Running Shoes 


PRICE: ₹2,099.00 - ₹3,108.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Age Range  Adult 
Outer Material  PU 
Material Type  Synthetic 
Brand  Puma 
Lifestyle  Casual 
Warranty Type  Manufacturer 

Special Features:-

  • There are few items in the world that are as durable, 
  • Comfortable and long-lasting as PUMA shoes that are available online at. 
  • Utilising a variety of premium materials in creating their sandals, shoes and floaters, comfort as well as fashion are key factors for PUMA which is the brand behind this collection of shoes.
Pros  Cons 
Stylish and Comfortable  
Perfect for Players  
High Quality   
Durable and Long Lasting   

7) Feroc White Grey Light Weight Spikes Shoes

Feroc T20 Cricket Spikes shoes have  Ultra lightweight Nickel plated Spikes that are durable. It’s superior cushioning with Long Memory EVA and Durafoam Mid Soles for high shock absorption. Upper made of Breathable, Control Mesh.This Shoe’s has Increased support from Dura Support Cradle and Thermoplastic Heel Counter. These Shoe’s Sole is made up of Rubber. These shoes are made up with Pure Synthetic Leather.

Feroc White Grey Light Weight Spikes Shoes


PRICE: ₹1,599.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Sole  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Closure  Lace-up 
Shoe Width Medium 
Sole  Rubber 
Manufacturer  Feroc International 
Item Weight  400g 

Special Features:-

  • Superior Cushioning through High-Quality Cushioning using a long Memory. 
  • EVA Middle Sole Durafoam MidSole to provide high shock absorption. 
  • Upper constructed from breathable Clima Control Mesh. 
  • More Stability From ThermoPlastic Heel Counter that comes with the Dura-Support Heel Cradle.
Pros  Cons 
High Stock Absorption   
Rubber Soles   
DuraFoam Midsoles  
Pure Synthetic Leather  

8) Feroc Blaster Metal Spike Cricket shoes 

Unicorn FEROC Spike cricket shoes have a synthetic/pu leather exterior and mesh inner material.Thee Shoe’s insole Material is made up of  Memory Foam Sweat Absorption pads. This shoe has Anti-Fatigue Technology.Its Outsole is made up of rubber. These cricket spikes shoes under 2000 have a three-dimensional comfort lining that provides a superior fit and feel for a long-lasting, comfortable wear.

Feroc Blaster Metal Spike Cricket shoes


PRICE: ₹1,749.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Age Range  Adult 
Brand  Feroc 
Color  White/Blue 
Material Type  Faux Leather/ Rubber 
Features  Lightweight 
Manufacturer  Feroc International 
Size  5 UK 

Special Features:-

  • The outer layer of synthetic/pu leather is a highlight of footwear.  
  • Mesh inner material. 
  • The insole material comprises memory Foam Sweat. 
  • Absorptive Pads with Anti-Fatigue Technology. 
  • The outsole is constructed of rubber.
Pros  Cons 
Superior Fit   
Long Lasting   
Anti Fatigue Technology   
Comfortable Fit   

9) Pro ASE men's Professional Cricket Shoes

PRO ASE UltraLightweight Cricket Shoe. Extra cushioning is used inside the shoe liner it is specially cricket shoes for boys. This Shoe’s Comfort is assured by the moulded heel counter.  In these shoes, high-grade EVA footbed is used. These Shoes have an extra grip and performance with a lightweight outsole Available in size 2-12 UK. PRO ASE cricket boots are designed for intermediate to advanced level Cricket players. 
These shoes are highly recommended for players who wish to improve their game by using the latest studs.

Pro ASE mens Proffesional Cricket Shoes


PRICE: ₹1,599.00 - ₹1,799.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Sole  Rubber 
Closure  Lace-up 
Shoe Width  Medium 
Manufacturer  ASE SPORTING. CO
Material  PU Upper 
Age Range  Adult 

Special Features:-

  • Pu Upper Material with A High Wear.
  • Tear Resistant With Vent holes To improve breathability.
  • A Breathable Mesh upper Lining For More Comfort.
  • High-Quality Eva Insock To Improve Comfort and Fit.
Pros Cons 
High Quality EVA Footbed   
Designed specially for Cricketers  
Moulded Heel Counter  
Extra Grip and Performance  
Extra Cushioning   

10) SEGA men's Cricket Shoes 

These stylish cricket shoes at low price from the SEGA brand will elevate your style. This pair of Cricket Shoes is a stylish, refined and comfortable choice to update your everyday look. The SEGA PREDATOR cricket shoes are for men and are intended to be an entry-level in specialist cricket footwear.
 It's important that we maintain SEGA’s high-quality standards to ensure you are ready for training and matches.

SEGA mens Cricket Shoes 


PRICE: ₹1,330.00 - ₹1,490.00

 Product Highlights 


Category  Specification 
Sole  Rubber 
Item Weight  2 kg 
Included Components 1 Pair of Shoe 
Color  Perdiator Orange 
Shoe Widht  Medium 
Special Features  High Quality Features 

Special Features:-

  • Make your appearance more stylish with this stylish set that is Cricket Shoes from the house of the SEGA brand. 
  • With a modern, refined style and exceptional comfort. 
  • This pair is the perfect choice to give your classic outfit an update.
Pros  Cons 
High Quality Standards  
Stylish shoes   
Special Cricket Footwear   
Refined and Comfortable   

Things To Consider While Buying Cricket Shoes

We will be discussing the essential qualities of beginner cricket shoes. If you're looking to purchase a new pair of cricket shoes, you should at least look at this article once. When buying a cricket shoe, size is an important factor to consider. 

  • Comfortability :- A shoe that is too tight or too large will cause discomfort on the field. When shopping for shoes, you should also consider the playing surface. 
  • Material :- It is also important to consider the playing surface. Standard studs and rubber sole shoes are best if you're going to be playing on a synthetic pitch. 
  • Budget :- If you plan to play on a turf pitch, then spike shoes are the best choice. Your budget is an important factor to consider when purchasing a pair. 
  • Price :- As a beginner, you don't need to spend as much money on shoes that professional cricketers use. You will be able to make a wise decision. You should choose a shoe that suits your needs and is affordable.
our view on Best cricket shoes under 2000 

These all products are all high in demand shoes and each product Quality is high and all the product contains the proper materials with proper Service and also each shoe has a comfortable sole. Some shoes are Laced type, some are normal. And Also Some Shoes have Flat heels and some have solid one’s.