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Best anti hair fall shampoo in india

Best anti hair fall shampoo in india

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo:

  • STRENGTH TO THE HAIR: This shampoo is a good option for suffering from hair fall. It gives strength to the follicles and prevents hair loss. As a result, it gives you thick, long and strong hair. 
  • DEEPLY NOURISHES: Dove shampoo reduces hair fall. It deeply nourishes the hair and cleanses the scalp to protect from infection. This shampoo is the solution for all your hair problems. 
  • CONTAIN NUTRILOCK ACTIVES: it comes with the benefit of nutrilock actives. It consists of nutritive serum which makes your hair strong and healthy. This shampoo is a gentle solution  that is good for everyday use.


  • Glycerine: it helps in providing moisture to the scalp.
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine: this helps in deep cleansing of the scalp. As a result, it prevents infection. 
  • Dimethiconol: it is one of the best moisturisers and helps to provide nourishment to the hair.  


  • Dove shampoo is good for dry hair.
  • It comes with a good fragrance. 
  • Shampoo gives long lasting results.
  • It is free from chemicals such as sulphate and sodium chloride.


  • This shampoo is not cost effective. 

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo for Hair Growth

  • CONTROL HAIR FALL: This Shampoo can be considered the finest ever for controlling hair fall. It promotes blood circulation and retains hair growth. It contains onion which stimulates the scalp and Plant Keratin makes the hair strong and frizz-free. 
  • SOFTEN HAIR: this product cleanses hair and scalp without irritation. Presence of Keratin helps in preventing damage, dryness and gives you smooth and soft hair. 
  • STRONG HAIR: It prevents hair damage due to washing. Its Plant Keratin will gently help in cleanses and strengthening. 
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: It is a natural ingredient product. The shampoo does not contain any harmful substance. Moreover it is suitable for all types of hair. It IS FREE from silicones, parabens, dyes and mineral oils.


  • Onion oil: this helps in strengthening the hair and growing new hair with a good strength.
  • Plant keratin: it gives complete nourishment and nutrition to the hair to grow long and healthy.  
  • D-Panthenol: this cleanses the scalp deeply and makes the follicles strong.
  • Vitamin E: it provides smoothness and good looking hair.


  • It is free from chemicals.
  • This shampoo will keep your scalp free from oil.
  • It will treat your damaged hair.


  • It does not produce lather. 

Biotique Bio Ocean Kelp Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

  • HAIR GROWTH: It gives intensive hair growth. The shampoo is high in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. As a result it gives you long, healthy and shiny hair.  
  • ANTI-HAIR FALL: Hair Fall pinch a lot, this anti fall shampoo can help you to get long and thicker hair. Moreover this shampoo will also reduce the hair fall and provide new, strong hair. 
  • NATURAL: This shampoo consists of completely natural and organic substances. It is free from harmful substances for hair. This is safe and the best hair shampoo. 
  • NOURISH SCALP: It is ideal for men and women. This shampoo nourishes the scalp and reduces hair fall. It strengthens the hair and increases hair growth. Basically it is suitable for all the typ[es of hair.


  • Peppermint Oil: it has cooling properties which keep your hair and scalp healthy.
  • Natural protein: this shampoo consists of natural ingredients that give you natural looking hair. 
  • Mint leaf Extract: it will nourish the scalp and improve blood circulation.
  • Vitamin: this will provide all required nutrients to the hair to stay healthy. 


  • It will strengthen the hair follicles.
  • This shampoo increases the thickness of the hair.
  • Enhance the hair quality.
  • Infused with natural ingredients.
  • It is paraben free shampoo.


  • It is not cost-effective.

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 

  • REDUCE HAIR FALL: If you are looking for a good shampoo to prevent hair loss  then you can go with this. It will reduce hair break down and help in healthy and strong growth of hair. 
  • PROTECT AND RESTORE: This shampoo will effectively reduce hair loss and hair damage. Moreover it nourishes the hair and gives you strength with more volume. 
  • HERBAL AND NATURAL: This shampoo comes with the goodness of natural ingredients which promote hair follicle growth. Other substances help in reducing hair fall and hair damage. 
  • SAFE AND CHEMICAL-FREE: This shampoo is herbal solution to all the hair problems. It will not contain chemicals which are harmful for hair. It is totally chemical free and safe to use. 


  • Bhringraj: It is a natural ingredient which gives long and thick hair. This helps in reducing hair fall and improving strength and texture of the hair. 
  • Plasha: it will help to strengthen the hair and enhance hair growth. 


  • It improves hair texture.
  • Help in reducing hair fall.
  • It will give us healthy and shiny hair.
  • This shampoo is totally chemical free. 


  • It may make your hair rough.
  • This shampoo will contain no lather. 

Man Matters Double DHT Blocking Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • STRENGTHENS AND NOURISHMENT: It is an anti-hair fall formula which is specially designed for strengthening hair and preventing broken or damage hair. This shampoo is made to reduce hair loss problems. It will transform your hair and give you long, thick and shiny hair. 
  • REDUCE HAIR FALL: Controlling hair falls in really hard. But for reducing hair fall you must take care of scalp health. It is very important to maintain a healthy scalp to control hair fall. Every time use of this shampoo will help to fight against pollution and dirt. It cleanses the scalp and keeps it hydrated. 
  • GOOD INGREDIENTS: Anti-fall and overall hair health with a nice shiny and soften hair, our shampoo does it all together in one wash. It is a natural ingredient product which helps in stimulating hair nourishment results in smooth, shiny and healthy hair. 
  • APPEARANCE: The shampoo is one solution to all the hair problems for men. Moreover, this shampoo gives a good physical appearance to the hair and makes you look confident. Every wash reduces hair fall and gives healthy looking hair. 


  • 1% Saw Palmetto: it helps in nourishment and moisturiser to the hair. 
  • Vitamins: this prevents being frizzy and rough. As a result, it gives smooth, soft and silky hair.  
  • Caffeine: it will work as an antioxidant agent that cleanses the scalp and prevents pollutants, dust and dirt.  
  • Argan oil: it completed the nutrient availability for hair.  
  • Biotic: it is a herbal ingredient. 


  • It cleanses the dead cells.
  • This repair and restore the damaged hair
  • .It is free from chemicals.


  • It may leave hair rough.

Ustraa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo 

  • ANTI-HAIR FALL: If you want to get rid of hair loss then this shampoo can be very beneficial for you. This shampoo comes with the anti-hair fall properties. However, it will not only reduce hair fall but also give you shiny, smooth, natural looking hair. 
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: It is chemical-free shampoo. So, that it will not damage or harm the hair. It is sulphur free, mineral oil free and paraben free. 
  • INGREDIENTS:  This shampoo comes with the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginseng. Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural ingredient that helps in reducing dull and dry hair. Ginseng prevents hair loss and gives strength to the hair. 
  • EASY TO USE: This shampoo is easy and safe for hair. It does not harm or damage your hair. Apply the shampoo properly on the scalp and hair and wash them. All set for natural , healthy and good looking hair. 


  • Apple Cider Vinegar: it fights against hair fall.  
  • Ginseng: this shampoo adds shiny and smoothness to the hair. 
  • Chinese ancient ingredients: it consists of active ingredients which are free from chemicals. 


  • Helps to remove dandruff from the hair.
  • It is good for dry hair.
  • This is 2 in 1 shampoo.
  • It is top organic shampoo. 
  • Shampoo comes with zero chemical substance. 


  • It may get sticky and take a long time to wash.
  • It causes frizzy hair and frizziness.

Organic Forest 100% VEGAN Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

  • PROTECT AND HYDRATE HAIR: it is 100% formula for therapeutic use. It consists of the best essential oils which give twice the effective strengthening of hair roots. Moreover it repairs follicles and stimulates the scalp to reduce hair fall. It is a great option for thinning hair, breakage, split ends and damaged hair. 
  • CONTROL HAIR FALL: Talking about Control hair fall, then this shampoo has to come in the list. This shampoo contains plant based keratin, baobab oil, argan oil and oats protein. These things help in making hair healthier while controlling hair fall and reducing hair damage.  
  • PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH: This hair fall shampoo is a solution which strengthens, protects and stimulates hair follicles. This results in healthy hair growth. It will strengthen the thin and weak hair. As a result, it will promote thickening hair growth. 
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL PROPERTIES: This shampoo comes with the goodness of good ingredients. As a result, it provides protection against any bacteria or any further infection. It helps in resolving all bacterial, fungal and inflammatory issues. 


  • Plant based Kreatine: it will completely nourish the hair.
  • Organic Moroccan oil: this is an organic ingredient that helps to give natural good looking hair.
  • Oats Protein: it provides protein and nutrition to the hair.
  • Baobab oil: this will conditioner the hair.  


  • This shampoo comes with antibacterial properties.
  • It will smoothen your hair.
  • This is the best herbal shampoo.
  • It is free from parabens and sulphate.  


  • It does not lather. 

Indulekha Bringha Ayurvedic Shampoo

  • AYURVEDIC PROPERTIES: It is ayurvedic shampoo for hair. It contains natural and herbal essential ingredients. These herbal ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals which reduce hair fall and grow new hair. 
  • REDUCE HAIR FALL: Are you tired of hair loss and looking for solutions? So, this anti hairfall  is the perfect choice for you. It is recommended by ayurvedic experts for hair treatment. This shampoo is an herbal solution for hair fall. Therefore, it is an anti-fa;l shampoo. 
  • ZERO CHEMICAL: It is 100% natural shampoo. Its natural ingredients will nourish the hair and add shine and strength. There is no added colour and fragrance. It only contains high herb extract. 


  • Bhringraj: this is an ayurvedic herb that helps in reducing hair fall and growing new hair. 
  • Shikakai: it contains antioxidants properties that cleanses the scalp and reduces chances of infection. 
  • Amla: this improves blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles. 
  • Rosemary Oil: it will help to prevent itching of the scalp because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • It is the best anti hair fall shampoo. 
  • Contain natural ingredients. 
  • It is a gel-based formula.
  • This shampoo contains no harmful substance.


  • It may not be effective towards dryness.
  • This needs conditioner after shampoo.  

Khadi Shuddha Neem & Aloe vera Shampoo

  • STRENGTHEN AND SMOOTHEN: Searching For Perfect shampoo for hair fall problem, then You Can Take it at your home  Without Any doubt. This shampoo comes with the goodness of herbal extracts. As a result, it will strengthen and smoothen the hair without damaging and irritating the scalp. 
  • HEALTHY HAIR: Its natural ingredients consist of all the essential oil and minerals. Therefore, these herbal properties help in healthy hair growth. This provides proper nourishment to the hair. It gives all the nutrients to the scalp for healthy growth of hair. 
  • ANTI DANDRUFF: Its main function is to reduce dandruff. It is an anti dandruff hair shampoo. Which helps you to control or eliminate the dandruff problem. However, it will also repair damage hair and promote healthy growth of the hair. 


  • Neem: it works as an antimicrobial agent which prevents the cause of infection and keeps the scalp clean.   
  • Aloe Vera: this helps to make hair thick and strong. 
  • Amla: it helps in cleansing of scalp and maintaining proper hair health.
  • Essential extracts: this will help to give proper nutrients to the hair.
  • Paraben free: the shampoo is free from chemical substances. 


  • It will improve hair quality. 
  • Zero chemical shampoo.
  • It will give smooth, silky and long hair.
  • This shampoo promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.
  • Active shampoo for all types of hair. 


  • It will not effectively work as an anti dandruff shampoo. 
  • This shampoo may lead to dry hair in some cases. 

L'Oréal Paris Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

  • NOURISHES THE HAIR ROOT: This shampoo delivers 100% nourishment to the scalp for healthy growth of the hair. It reduces hair fall and provides full nourishment to the hair. The shampoo cleanses the scalp and gives smooth hair. 
  • HAIR GROWS STRONGER: It reduces the hair fall. Which basically results in thicker hair. However, it also acts on the scalp. That it also helps the follicles to grow strong new hair. 
  • TRIPLE ANTI HAIR FALL ACTION: This anti hair fall shampoo is considered the best shampoos till date. The shampoo comes with the action of triple anti hair fall properties. It helps in reducing hair fall and gives beautiful thicker hair. 


  • Sodium Chloride: it helps to strengthen the hair and give strong and long hair.
  • Methyl Cocoate: this will smoothen your hair.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: it will prevent hair from roughness.
  • Arginine: it will deeply nourish the hair.


  • This shampoo has a nice fragrance. 
  • It is suitable for oily hair. 
  • It is free from sulphur and paraben.


  • It is not good for dry scalp.

What Are The Reasons Of Hair Fall:

Hair fall is very common nowadays. Dr. Anita Rath, a Dermatologist, views it, basically in one day everyone ideal faces 60-100 strands of hair. But the loss of hair is not known due to new hair growth. 

However, on the day of shampoo you may lose 100-200 strands of hair. But if you are talking about excessive hair growth then there are various which are responsible for that.

  • Age:

Age is one of the factors for hair fall. With age there is a slow decline in hair growth and this also increases hair loss. This may happen due to the influence of hormones or due to a weak immune system. And however, with age your hair follicles start dying. As a result, you will face permanent hair loss. 

  • Heredity: 

Heredity plays a very important role in hair loss. It is very common and observed very frequently in today’s generation. It mainly occurs with age and the pattern of hair fall is predictable. 

  • Shampoo:

Hair care is very important. But selecting the right shampoo for hair care is really hard. Not every shampoo is perfect for everyone. Always choose shampoo which is chemical free and doesn't lead to severe hair loss. Using chemicals daily on the hair may cause removal of hair oil which leads to rough and frizzy hair. Therefore, apply no chemical shampoo. 

  • Nutritional deficiency:

Deficiency of nutrition may cause hair fall. It will deeply impact the growth of hair follicles. Moreover, it will also affect hair growth. There are various nutrients responsible for hair growth in different ways. Therefore, deficiency in any one of them leads to hair fall. And with time it will lead to severe hair loss.   

  • Weight loss:   

Hair fall may be caused due to sudden weight loss. As per the studies of American academy of Dermatology if a person loses more than 7kg weight in 3-4 month then it will lead to hair loss. However, the studies are still going on about the same. Sometimes severe health issues lead to weight loss which may trigger the hair fall. 

Here The ingredients you  should looks in anti hair fall shampoo

Shampoo is important to reduce hair fall but how to choose the right one. Shampoo consists of ingredients that help in treating hair loss. It strengthens the hair follicle and grows strong healthy hair.

So, here is a list of a few ingredients which help in reducing hair fall. And you must look for their ingredients in your anti hair fall shampoo. These ingredients help in reducing hair fall and enhance the strength of hair. 

The ingredients are as follow:

  • Activated charcoal and wintergreen derived salicylic acid:

Activated charcoal and Wintergreen derived salicylic acid helps in removing impurities. Therefore, it prevents infection and inflammation. It also treats hair follicles. As a result, it encourages hair growth. 

  • Ginger and mint:

Ginger and mint provide hydrated scalp and reduce dryness of hair and frizz hair. It boosts the blood circulation in the scalp. As a result hair follicles get proper nourishment gives good and strong hair growth. 

  • Shea butter:

Shea butter is an ingredient which prompts hair growth. It keeps the scalp hydrated that results in good and shiny hairs. It prevents hair dryness and frizzy hair. Therefore, this reduces hair damage and hair fall.

  • Zinc, biotin and collagen:

Zinc, biotin and collagen are very friendly ingredients to the hair. It provides strength to the hair. They keep hair healthy and good looking. These ingredients also help hair to stay thicker and longer. 

  • Keratin:

Keratin's main function is to coat the hair strands and reduce hair fall. It will also lock moisture in the scalp and provide them complete nourishment to the hair. Keratin also adds volume to the hair and makes hair thick and long. 

How Does Shampoos Control Hair fall and gives Long thicker hair:

Hair fall is a major issue worldwide. So, it is very important to control hair fall. According to Dr. Renu Grag, homoeopathic doctor, hair is the beauty of everyone. But hair concerns are a major problem now a days for every individual. 

“Causes of hair fall in men and women are different. Both of them have different factors which influence hair growth. Therefore the hair fall control treatments may vary in men and women. However, there are few common reasons in both men and women that can prevent hair fall”.  

“Hair fall is a huge problem presently. People use various things such as shampoo, hair products etc that may be harsh on hair. Hair loss at a young age is increasing rapidly in men and women both”. Said by Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Ayurveda Doctor.  

Therefore, we must do something which helps to reduce hair fall. We need to change our daily hair routine. And in daily hair routine shampoo plays an important role. Using right anti hair fall helps to reduce hair fall as well as also helps in healthy hair growth. 

How To choose Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoos 

There are a number of various treatments to cure hair fall. But which one is the best? For hair fall it is important to choose the right anti hair fall shampoo. The right one will lead to treating hair fall problems. 

The next question that arises is, how to choose the right anti hair fall shampoo? Don't worry, we have listed a few key factors which help to choose the right shampoo for your hair hall problem. The factors are mentioned below:

1. What Type Of Hair Do you have:

Whenever you go to buy shampoo, stop getting attracted towards the bold labels that show anti hair fall. Instead of this you must do a deep search and choose the best shampoo. Not always every or any type of shampoo will help to treat your problem. 

You must analyse your hair type, get to know about the ingredients, pH level and about your hair concern. All these must be in picture before deciding to buy an effective shampoo against hair fall.  

2. Should Have Essential oils:

Everyone is suffering from different hair problems. Some may have hair fall due dandruff, hair colour, weak hair or may be due to impurities or scalp related problems. Therefore, it is very important to know the cause of hair fall. So, before buying you should know which  essential oils your shampoo must contain to treat your problem. 

Losing hair or high hair fall is a matter to be concerned about. You must know the cause behind this. So, it will be cured as soon as possible. 

3. Consider PH Level Of shampoo: 

Acid mantle layer is formed on the scalp due to sweat mixes with sebum or oil. Its pH may be around 4.5 - 5.5. If the hair has an acidic nature that prevents the occurrence of bacteria and fungi on the hair and scalp as well. 

Moveover, pH is the most important factor which may cause hair fall. So, it is very important that your shampoo has good balancing pH. Choose shampoo which has pH according to your scalp so that it will reduce hair loss. 

4. Know Your Scalp:

Before selecting the best shampoo for hair, always remember about the type of scalp you have. It is very important to know about your scalp before selecting the hair shampoo. It will help you to know about your hair concern. 

Knowing about the scalp helps to know that your hair is oily or dry. So, it will help to choose the right shampoo according to that. If you are having oily hair then you must choose a shampoo which helps to reduce oil production and give you shiny hair.

5. Avoid these Ingredients

You should always choose a natural shampoo other than chemical one. There are few ingredients that you must avoid in your shampoo for healthy and good hair. The ingredients you should avoid are paraben, sulphate, mineral oil, sodium laureth sulphate, and silicones. 

These ingredients may cause frizzy hair. Which leads to hair fall. Therefore, if you want to avoid hair loss then you must check the ingredients in your shampoo. These chemicals will damage your hair. Hence, it is proven that natural shampoo is the best for healthy hair.