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Best leather shoes for men in india

The shoes you choose to wear can either create or detract from the impression you make. Imagine wearing a sophisticated formal outfit for a black tie occasion with shiny formal shoes shining brightly when you walk across the red carpet at the location. Below You will find some list of best leather shoes in india with best quality brands. Whatever way we place the shoes section down our list of priorities it's difficult to forget that shoes help in enhancing our overall appearance.

Find the perfect pair of genuine high-quality leather footwear from our top 10 brands of leather shoes from India here. The shoes are made of synthetic leather, with the highest quality sole. The inside material is cushioned well. Very comfortable to wear. There are many people who are worried about their shoes, and that's the reason you're too.

There's many male shoe brands in India which makes it difficult to pick the right one. These shoes have an attractive and appealing appearance. This pair of shoes has a cushioned footbed which allows you to walk comfortably. When choosing footwear, you need to consider not only its appearance but also the material, fit, comfort level, durability, and cost.

List of Some top leather shoe brands in india :-

The luxury of owning a pair of perfect formal shoes from a well-respected brand is no longer an option. It has become a necessity. While you'll always have a pair of sneakers in your shoe collection, they are not suitable for every occasion. Now we have compiled you a list of the best leather shoes in which you would come through brands like Riff Way, Red Chief , Burwood, etc. 

1) Liberty Men’s Leather Formal Shoes

Liberty Is A Brand Known best leather shoes company in india with High Quality Products. Presenting Wide Range Of Formal, Casual, Party Wear Footwear For Men And Women. Designed With High Quality Material And Durable Outsole, 

These Footwear Are Comfortable And Fall In Line With Your Demand For The Latest Fashion Trend. Must Have Pieces For Your Footwear Collection. It's Sole and the outer Leather consists of Leather.

These Shoes come with a warranty from the manufacturer that lasts for 30 days.

Liberty Men’s Leather Formal Shoes


Price: ₹1,829.00 - ₹2,669.00

2) Urban Caiman Original Leather Formal Shoe

URBAN CAIMAN offers you the highest quality Original Leather shoe with Airmix (Alert) sole that offers a stylish appearance. This Brand comes in top 10 leather shoes brands which offers the highest quality and durability of leather Shoe and provide good comfort and cushioning. 
This shoe has an attractive and appealing appearance. This pair of shoes has a cushioned footbed which allows you to walk comfortably. 
These shoes are usually worn for weddings, offices and other formal occasions.

Urban Caiman Original Leather Formal Shoe


Price: ₹879.00 - ₹889.00

3) Fentacia Men’s Genuine Leather formal shoes

Fentacia Genuine Leather Shoes for Men featuring TPR soles and GENUINE leather upper with an upholstered footbed that cushions your feet to ensure the most comfortable fit. Clean your shoes using the leather shampoo or leather cleaner and use a quality brush to get rid of the dirt from your shoes' surface.
If your shoes are damp after cleaning, allow them to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. 
Dry the shoes at room temperature and avoid exposing them to sunlight. The radiation from the sun could cause the leather to shrink to form wrinkles, harden, dry and break.

Fentacia Men’s Genuine Leather formal shoes


Price: ₹854.00 - ₹1,299.00

4) Mochi Men’s Leather Formal Shoes

The shoes that match your personal style. Our footwear is constructed from high-quality materials and gives modern styles. Allow your shoes to dry at temperatures of room temperature. Make sure to use shoe bags to stop any dampness or stains. 
Mochi Shoes is a front-runner in the nation's fashion scene with more than 100 outlets in more than 50 cities across India with a focus on style and fashion. This Shoes has a manufacturer warranty of a total of 30 days.

Mochi Men’s Leather Formal Shoes


Price: ₹1,995.00

5) Lee Cooper Men’s Formal Shoes

Enjoy your fashion with this pair of formal shoes by the coveted label, Lee Cooper. It is made of top quality material , which makes it durable. Lee Cooper footwear collection is accessible for both men & Women, targeting the consumers who are mobile and independent with an expanding Indian market. 

The main reason Lee Cooper shoes stands out as best leather brands in india because of their commitment to comfort, quality and ensuring that you get the highest quality product, and without the thought of compromising on the high standards of quality.Perfect for casual wear as well as formal occasions, Lee Cooper provides a diverse range of shoes for those who love it.

Lee Cooper Men’s Formal Shoes


Price: ₹2,399.00 - ₹2,999.00

6) Red Tape Men’s Leather Formal Shoes  

The masterful craftsmanship and elegant style. This pair of Black sneakers from Red Tape An elegant traditional staple that is always trendy. The upper is made of leather along with a PVC (polyvinyl chloride ) soles that provide maximum comfort while also providing durability. 

The pair of sneakers also comes with a panel on the front, a soft gloss pebbled texture , and the slim lace-up closure which complements its sleek and stylish design.You can wear it with simple clothes and trousers with a tapered cut.

Red Tape Men’s Leather Formal Shoes 


Price: ₹1,708.00

7) Aramish Men's Leather Formal Moccasin Shoe

Comfortable and stylish loafers that can be worn in Smart Formals, Jeans, Chinos and are appropriate as casual, formal and Party Wear Shoes to create the perfect look. Cushioned footbeds, which means you can wear them for all day without feeling uncomfortable or discomfort. Armanish is one of the top leather shoes brands in india.
Colors may differ slightly due to screen resolutions that differ. Clean your shoes with an excellent quality brush to eliminate any dirt that has accumulated on the surface.

Aramish Men's Leather Formal Moccasin Shoe


Price: ₹1,499.00

8) S.B Footwear men Faux Leather Formal Shoe

Durability and comfort give you a steady pace when walking or running. The right size shoe will keep your legs comfortable. We provide shoes that are constructed with the highest quality Italian Leather with strong and elegant design. 

This branded leather shoes for men comes with a lightweight design and shock-absorbing cushioning to ensure you feel comfortable while walking. 
We guarantee high-quality products and zero chance of manufacturing defects or other issues.

S.B Footwear men Faux Leather Formal Shoe


Price: ₹460.00

9) Eego Italy Genuine Leather Safety Shoes

They are made with high-quality materials as well as other top quality products sourced from reliable sources to meet international standards under the supervision of skilled professionals. 

Due to their high durability, high quality, and the comfort they provide, Safety Shoes are in a very high demand. They are tough and come with simple instructions for maintenance. Cleaning any dry dirt off the shoes' surface using a dry cloth and turning your shoes every two days allows them to be deodorised and maintain their shape.

Eego Italy Genuine Leather Safety Shoes


Price: ₹809.00

10) Riffway Formal Slip-on Shoes

Make your appearance more stylish with this stylish collection of Formal Shoe from the house of RIFFWAY brand . It features a contemporary, sophisticated design that is extremely comfortable. This pair is the perfect choice to give your classic outfit an update. 

RIFF WAY comes under top 10 leather shoes brands in india their leather shoes are extremely comfortable and flexible shoes. 
Men 100% genuine leather shoes featuring a rubber sole, cushioned feet leather lining, as well as slip-on design. Shoes made of genuine leather for formal wear for men and office attire formal shoes

Riffway Formal Slip-on Shoes


Price: ₹1,299.00

11) Red Chief Leather Formal Shoes

Get a fresh and stylish look by wearing these casual sneakers in vibrant colours by the brand Red Chief. The leather liner makes these casual shoes for men very durable and lightweight in weight. Its sole made of PU (polyurethane) sole provides supreme comfort all day. 

The insoles are designed for the comfort in mind to make you comfortable, and the outsoles are made to keep you cool. 
They are top leather shoes made of premium materials. We never sacrifice quality and we are committed to providing the best quality product.

Red Chief Leather Formal Shoes


Price: ₹1,979.00 - ₹2,875.00

12) Mactree Men’s Handcrafted Lace-up Shoes

Make your appearance more stylish by wearing this elegant collection of Formal Shoe from the house of Mactree brand. 
It features a modern and refined style and outstanding comfort This pair is the perfect choice to give your classic outfit an update. An amazing design and the perfect elegant pair of shoes made by Mactree.
Team it with your formal attire on Monday mornings to impress your colleagues and bosses alike. Clean dry cloth to eliminate dust.

Mactree Men’s Handcrafted Lace-up Shoes


Price: ₹997.00

13) Burwood Men’s Leather Formal Shoes

Get a stunning appearance by adding these elegant shoes by Burwood to your collection of footwear. With an excellent finish and modern style they are well worth the investment. They are made of leather and are tough. 

They are extremely durable. The sole made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) sole provides great flexibility. It is no longer necessary to decide between style and functionality. These shoes can be worn with slim-fit jeans and a shirt to create an elegant appearance. 
The cushion-like sole offers the comfort you need throughout the day.

Burwood Men’s Leather Formal Shoes


Price: ₹990.00 - ₹1,173.00

14) Zixer Men Flexible premium Formal Shoes 

Semi Formal Look And Latest Design Makes You Stand Out From Crowd And Makes Impression On Boss And Colleague. This Comes In Black, Brown And Tan Colour. Formal And Party Wear Look. The cushion collar of this formal shoe provides users with a luxurious feel. 
The cushion collar also provides the feet with a comfortable and relaxing experience after a long day. The durability of this shoe can provide an unbeatable performance over a longer time. It is suitable for heavy work and frequent use. 
A solid upper in these casual semi formal shoes makes them comfort for the wearer. This provides regular support that keeps your feet clean and fresh throughout the day.

Zixer Men Flexible premium Formal Shoes


Price: ₹550.00

Things To Consider While Buying Leather Shoes 

High-end leather shoes rely on the kind of leather used for their appearance. Knowing the distinction can aid you in selecting the best quality. Leather is classified into a few fundamental grades, which mainly are Suede, Top grain. Examine the texture, feeling to touch, because this is among the most straightforward methods to verify the authenticity. A fake shine or coating on shoes may be felt when you touch them. 

Leather provides a more natural feel. Linings and socks made of leather are crucial in the life of a shoe. It is a natural product and its breathability eliminates the possibility of bad smell. Composition label gives you details about the material that are used in footwear. The hide sign indicates leather, while the woven sign signifies textile, and the diamond with four corners can be used to identify other materials such as rubber, Coating etc.

Our Review On best leather shoes in india

All the products mentioned above contain Pure Leather. Every pair of shoes contains a sole of high quality material. Some products have a manufacturer warranty. In addition to the correct dimensions and width of your shoe the perfect fit, skillful craftsmanship along with the choice of top-quality materials for the upper, lining , and outsole are all important in terms of the quality and choice. It is our goal to ensure that you continue at ease wearing your sneakers for as long as possible.