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Make your look presentable with Best watches under 5000 rupees For Men

Best watches under 5000 rupees in India

searching for the best watches under 5000 rupees? If so, then you've come to the right place. We've compiled the most popular and most affordable watches for under 5000 rs with impressive features like showing date, day, stopwatch, and timer. Also, using stainless steel, brass, metal, premium and soft leather wristband.

The watch tells the time and presents our look along with it. So doing research is the most effective method for choosing a high-quality product. Before buying the best watch, it is essential to conduct research. Otherwise, your money will be wasted, and you may select the wrong watch

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If you're considering investing in a watch worth Rs.5000, you should invest in a watch that will fit your style and personality. Below we have complete deeply discuss about some best watches below 5000. You can go through it, and maybe you can find a watch for yourself.you can check out good deal or discount on tata luxury coupons for watches.

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Things to consider While buying watches under 5000 rs 

Nowadays wearing a wrist watch is very common. It will enhance your look and personality. But not every watch is suitable for anyone and anytime. Wearing a watch according to the occasion and event is very important. Which will result in a perfect look to your personality. 

However, you should know what type of watch you need according to your personality match. So, before buying you should know about what you want. This will help you to know things before buying. 

So, in the article below, you will get to know a few things you should consider while buying a watch under 5000 budget.

1. Style Watches

Wrist watches come in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly you can classify watches like sports, vintage, casual and luxury. Now a days selecting the right one for the first occasion is trendy. The style is something you should choose depending upon the occasion you wear your watch the most. 

If you are thinking of wearing your  watch to a business meeting then a luxury watch is a good call. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear a watch to a family occasion then casual and vintage will be the best.

And if you are fitness lover or a sports person or an athlete, then a sports watch is good. Which is likely to have the features and strength you are looking for. When Buying the best watches under 5000 rs, style factor can never be ignored.

2.What Are the Features

While buying the watch you have to make a decision for what use you will be using the watch. Or the purpose of buying the watch. This will conclude, what features you are expecting from your watch. 

This will also make a relation with the style and type of watch you are looking for. Even if you are thinking of buying a watch, which is just more than a basic timepiece. What are you expecting more of?

In a budget of 5000 rs ,Most of the features that we see in watches are timer, stopwatch, or alarms but perhaps you are looking for a GPS, find your phone, a speed calculator and many more. And a sports person  must need all in one sports feature in one watch. 

3. What kind of Material used 

Watch material can be any. Here are the most commonly use materials like canvas, plastic, stainless steel,brass, metal, leather (just for band). While buying a wrist watch you must remember that whatever you choose it will be durable and useful. 

Plastic and canvas watches are low price watches which may look cheaper. But those kinds of watches are more durable and strong from the outside. 
On the other hand, stainless steel and metal watches material attract people because of their amazing look. But those types of watches are expensive and less durable. And if we talk about band, it is leather which is less durable but lightweight. Although it will add a traditional look to your watch. 

4. Is it Water Resistance ?

All types of watches are a little bit water resistant. As a result some water splashing will not make you worry about any damage. Water resistance is a type of quality which is very important while buying watches. 

However, currently, many watches are available with either splashproof or suitable for swimming and diving. So, if you are a swimmer or a pool party lover then you don't have to worry about your watches anymore. 

There are many watches in the market with different brands. All of them will come with different levels of water resistance capacity. So, while buying a wrist watch, you make sure what type of water resistivity you want. 

5. Battery Capacity Factor

When you spend 5000 rs, As in the growing technologies many brands are also launching advanced watches. Today's generation is increasing the demand for more best features in one watch only. 

If you are a sportsperson and plan to buy a sports smart watch. Then the battery capacity factor is very important. While buying a watch with other features like GPS, Sports activity, Connect with your phone, etc. It will require a good battery for long lasting duration. 

Different brands offer different battery capacity. While buying you should find the best fit watch for yourself with a good battery as per your use. 

1 Titan Neo Iv Analog Black Dial  in the range of 5000

We have placed Titan Neo Iv Analog Black Watch as the first in the range of 5000. This watch is a multi-function watch in which you get to know the date, day, and 24hrs clock that gives you a professional business look.

If we talk about the build quality, the case is brass and has a round shape watch. It has a 49.2 Diameter, which means the size of the dial is around 10 rs coin. The company says that its wristband is made out of leather material. Also,the glass material with minerals.

This watch will give you attractive looks in your crowded circle. The watch comes with a 24-month warranty. Also checkout Smartchwatches under 5000 

Titan Neo Iv Analog Black Dial

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Why you should buy

  • It has a multifunction dial with date, day and 24hr clock.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Company gives a 2 years warranty.
Pros Cons 
Sophisticated Multifunction N.A
Elegant Looking Timepiece   
Gives You Natural Appearance  
Provides Stunning Look  


2 OLEVS Automatic Analogue delicate watch in this price

OLEVS Automatic Luxury Watch for Men's is one of the most delicate watches you can own in this price range. This Watch provides you with a beautiful and premium look. The best thing about this Watch is that it is Automatic Self-winding Mechanics, which means you do not need a powerful battery. Remember that it requires daily wear, and you have to do self-winding every two days.

Importantly, solid 316L stainless steel has been used to make this watch. Also, the dial comes with black colour . It Has Skeleton Design,And the diameter is 39 mm and 13. mm thickness. It features an adjustable strap, which is 19 cm in length; you can easily adjust it on your wrist.

The front glass of this watch has made from crystal hardened mineral with anti-scratch coating. Therefore ,you can use it a little bit rough, that is good thing under 5000 budget. The water resistance of upto 30 meters no need to worry about splashes and light rain. Company give you two years warranty

 OLEVS Automatic Analogue

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Why you should buy

  • Watch has Automatic Self-winding Mechanics
  • Not required power battery.
  • Gives 24 months warranty.
  • Made of stainless steel
Pros  Cons 
Water-Resistant Do not have
anti-scratch coating   
Mineral Glass   


3) Fastrack Fastfit Analog Black Dial Get it in 5000 without hassel 

You can get this watch in 5000 without any doubt. This Fastrack Fastfit Analog Black round Dial will give you a trendy look. The watch's case has made from brass. Also, the back cover is stainless steel. This watch also comes with multi-functions like showing the date and day. The water resistance capacity of this watch is 50 mm, which means that you can wear it even in light rain.

This watch Has specially designed for men. The leather strap gives it a unique look you can easily adjust according to your wrist. This watch under 5000 might be best for you.

 Fastrack Fastfit Analog Black Dial

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Why you should buy

  • It goes on Ideal formal wear
  • Premium quality leather used 
  • So many functions included
  • Watch Can stay up to 50 meters water resistance
Pros Cons 
Sophisticated Multifunction N.A
Elegant Looking Timepiece   
Gives You Natural Appearance  
ongoing stendz Look  


4) Timex E Class Analog Black available for under 5000 rs

Timex E Class Analog Black Dial is a great watch available for under 5000 rs. The company has been since 1854, and They make the best watches for men and women in terms of design, durability and performance. take a look at its creation. The dial is round and comes with four small sub-dial. Also, giving you a Date display, Week Days Display, and 24 Hours Display.

Its 4th sub-dial is like a stopwatch; you can measure time from 1 to 20 sec.It is the best thing under this range. Now let's look at the material used. Watch has Scratch Resistant Glass so that you can use it for a long time as well as natural leather used for your wristband. The company assured 30m water-resistant also giving one year warranty

Timex E Class Analog Black 

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Why you should buy 

  • Across services centre in india
  • Watch has Quartz technologies 
  • In wristband soft leather has been used 
  • polished and plated stainless-steel lock
Pros  Cons 
Heavy Weighted  N.a
Stainless Steel Material   
Buckle Type clasp   
Alloy Steel   


5) Fossil Analog Black Dial watch

This is quite the finest watch in the range of 5000 rs. Fossil Analog Black Dial Watch will give you a vintage look. It is only suitable for men. Those who do not like a big and heavy watch in appearance can go with this watch. Its design is quite simple, and it is a round-shaped dial whose diameter is about 10 rs coin. The case material has made of stainless steel, and it comes with good quality leather band.

Quartz technologies is been used in this watch. Due to the vibration of this Quartz, the needle moves, and because of this, it tells the right time. The company says that the watch has a water resistance depth of 50 meters. This is a super casual watch that comes with two years warranty.check out youtube video smart watches under 5000

Fossil Analog Black Dial watch

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Why you should buy

  • Mineral Glass Material used 
  • A coin size dial 
  • Made from High quality material
Pros  Cons 
small size dial N.A
Water Resistant activity   
Stylish Watch  
Quality Material  


6) Casio Digital Black Dial

If your budget is 5000, then you can go with this watch. It gives you an aesthetic and sporty look. The Casio Digital Black Dial is full of multi-functions like a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm. Out of all the watches we have talked about, this watch has the most water resistance. Its water resistance is up to 200 meters so that you can wear it even in such heavy rain.

The Tough Solar system makes it possible to generate enough power to keep the watch running even with minimal light, making the watch unique.it also has LED light

We can say that this watch comes under one of the best watches below 5000 for men.

Casio Digital Black Dial

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Why you should buy

  • Watch has LED light
  • Full of Multi Functions like Alarm ,Stopwatch  
  • It has Tough Solar system
  • Watch comes with military-grade durability
Pros  Cons 
Water Resistance  only resin
LED light  
High Endurance Watch   


7) SCUDERIA FERRARI  Not upper than 5000 rupees

This SCUDERIA FERRARI must consider when we talk about watches not upper than 5000 rupees. It has made of a delicate plastic material. This watch gives you a sporty and casual look; it also has many features like date, day, and hrs. Talk about diameter. It comes with a size of 44 mm and also gets 30 mm of water resistance.

Importantly, Quartz Mechanism technologies has used. (It is a kind of crystal that vibrates 32768 times in 1 sec, then the clock machine gets a signal, and the second indicator Needle gets moves ) this watch has 2 Warranty on Manufacturing Defects. This is one of the most affordable and best watches under 5000


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Why you should buy

  • This is International brand 
  • water at a depth of 30 mm
  • Watch using Quartz technologies 
  • Buckle is made from steel 
  • easy to fit on wrist 
Pros Cons 
easy to wear   
Quality Construction  
Water Resistant   
Elegant Design   


8) Casio Youth Series Analog-Digital Black under 5k rs

This elegant looking watch comes just under 5k rs. Youth Series Analog-Digital Watch has specially designed for the young generation to give a sporty or athletic look. It Comes in a round shape and made from a resin material capable of long term life.

This watch has 55 mm height and 50 mm in length and made with Quartz Technologies. Its back cover is of stainless steel. Talking about water-resistant, the company says that the resistance dept is 200 mm.

Good thing about this watch is , Its battery does not have to be charged again and again. The company claims that the battery operating time is ten months.If you want to still spotlight, you can go with this watch

Casio Youth Series Analog-Digital

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Why you should buy

  • Alarm facility available 
  • It has Multi Function watch  
  • Battery power indicator n saving mode 
  • You Can use heavy rainfall
  • day of the week indicator
  • This is Lightweight watch 
Pros  Cons
Suitable on Formals not found
Lightweight Product  
Water Resistance   


9) Tommy Hilfiger Analog Dial men's watch

If you want to improve your look, then Tommy Hilfiger Analog Dial men's watch at 5000 rs is not the wrong choice. If you're going to enhance the look or change it a bit, you can take this grey round shape watch. The wristband has made of Silicone material, which means you are less likely to get a rash. The case material is alloy steel which is the good thing about this watch.

In this too, you get water resistance of 30 mm and a warranty of 2 years. You have someone's anniversary or birthday, and you can also give it as a gift.therefore, Its called best watch to buy under 5000

 Tommy Hilfiger Analog

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Why you should buy 

  • Using Quartz technologies for watch movement 
  • It has High-quality steel material
  • Splashes of water or light rain cannot affect 
  • Specially for men it is not unisex 
Pros Cons
High Quality Brand  30 mm resistance 
Case made of alloy steel  
2 Years Warranty   


10) Timex Silver Men’s Watch 

Last But Not the Least, If you want a dashing look, you can go with this 5000 watch. Timex is a well-known brand in the USA, and its classic design will give you a different look. The case has made of stainless steel with a round shape.

It is perfect for long time use as it has scratch-resistant glass. This multi-functional watch in this budget also has three sub-dials that display the date, week, and time. Wrist band leather has good quality so that you can wear it quickly. This watch also comes with a two years warranty. We can say that this is the Best watch under 5000 on a small budget.

Timex Silver Men’s Watch 

Why you should buy 

  • Water-resistance level is of 30 mm which is very good
  • Demeter is 45 millimetres which is a universal shape. neither big nor small
  • The watch movement type is a Quartz Technologie
  • There are service centers at various places in India
Pros Cons 
Sleek Designs N A
Luxurious Watch   
Silver Dial   
Stainless Steel Bracelet   


Best watches under 5000 RS With Product Highlight 2022

The Benefit of a watch is that it gives you a dashing look to your attire. A good watch can make you appear more elegant and considerate. There are a lot of watches on the market. However, choosing the best watch which come under 5000 is one can be a challenge.so follow we have discuss finest watch with budget friendly

TOP 10 watches under 5000 Material PRICE LIST Warrnaty Rating
Titan Neo Iv Analog Black Dial Brass ₹4999.00 24 months 4.5**** Rating
OLEVS Automatic Analogue   Stainless steel ₹4,290.00 2 years 4**** Rating
Fastrack Fastfit Analog Black Dial  material  (Brass) ₹3,753.00 2 Years 3.5*** Rating
Timex E Class Analog Black Stainless Steel ₹4,555.00 1 Year 3.5*** Rating
Fossil Analog Black Dial watch Stainless Steel  ₹5,397.00 2 years 4**** Rating
Casio Digital Black Dial Resin ₹5,935.00 2 years 4.5**** Rating
SCUDERIA FERRARI Branded Plastic ₹4750.00 24 months 3.6*** Rating
Casio Youth Series Analog-Digital Black Resin ₹4,295.00 2 years 3.5*** Rating
Tommy Hilfiger Analog Dial Alloy Steel ₹5,044.00 24 months 4**** Rating
TIMEX Silver Men’s Watch Stainless Steel  3,111.00 12 months 4.5**** Rating



Do and don'ts after purchasing watch for less than 5000

There are many things to keep in mind after buying watch . Have you bought the watches from the right seller? Isn't it the first copy? What are the do and don'ts  after buying a watch check below.

What to do after buying watch 

  • Do check the warranty card once.
  • Give a review of the quality and brand of the Watch
  • The mentioned features should be included
  • The seller is genuine and certified.

Not to do after buying watch

  • Don't Use Roughly.
  • Do not use more than what the company has told you.
  • Do not defect the watches from any other place (Warranty covers Only manufacturing defect)
  • Do not use in water more than the specified resistance level.


Wrap Up

All the above mentioned products are High Quality Products. All the products are at a reasonable rate. Every watch is branded and stylish. Almost every watch contains manufacturer warranty.We Hope You would like our suggestions of watches below 5000 and also you will get great help to make your wrist more stylish and desirable.